Ninja Porn Fiasco Exposes Even More Serious Twitch Controversy

fortnite streamer ninja twitch porn scandal

By CCN Markets: As the streaming community reels from Twitch's controversial decision to use Fortnite star Ninja's channel to highlight other streamers, accidentally promoting pornography in the process, some say that it has exposed a far more serious issue with the platform. Ex-VP: Twitch Betrayed Fortnite Legend Ninja Even Before It Streamed Porn on His Channel On Twitter, early Twitch investor...

Watch PewDiePie Roast Fortnite Star Ninja After Shock Twitch Exodus

pewdiepie roasts ninja after twitch exodus

After yesterday's explosive news that Fortnite streamer Ninja is leaving Amazon's Twitch and moving his entire operation over to Microsoft-owned platform Mixer, the king of YouTube himself Felix ''PewDiePie'' Kjellberg has weighed in on the matter. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't hold back any punches and takes tangible pleasure in mocking Ninja despite the two teaming up for a Friday Fortnite event...

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