Angelina Jolie's Dad is a MAGA Maniac & Cringy Trump Tweets Prove It

angelina jolie, jon voight, donald trump

By CCN: Jon Voight raised eyebrows in Hollywood circles by not only defending Donald Trump but also worshiping him as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln in a ridiculous two-part video address to the nation. Angelina Jolie’s father and the star of Showtime’s Ray Donovan has long been an outspoken Republican, but surely he’s pushed the envelope a bit far this time. Jon Voight Addresses...

Insane UN Study Claims Siri & Alexa Need a #MeToo Moment

United Nations #MeToo Siri Alexa

By CCN: In what only be described as political correctness gone insane, the United Nations issued a ridiculous report that claims Siri and Alexa are victims of sexual harassment and should launch their own #MeToo crusade. Alexa #MeToo Report Is PC Culture Gone Mad The 145-page report, issued by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said in part: “Siri’s...