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Facebook Hawks Libra as Western Union 2.0 Amid Capitol Hill Slugfest

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House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters has been on a crusade against Facebook’s entry into cryptocurrency via the Libra project. Her rampage continued on Wednesday during a second day of congressional hearings devoted to Libra. You can watch the hearing below: “Keep Big Tech Out of Finance Act” Looms Large as House Scrutinizes Libra Waters and other congressional Democrats...

Maxine Waters Grills Fed Chair Powell on Trump - And Crypto

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After grilling Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Capitol Hill about his agency’s response to Facebook's Libra "cryptocurrency," US Representative Maxine Waters finished her questioning by asking the central banker what he would do if Donald Trump “fired” him. Federal Reserve Chair on Resigning: "I Wouldn't Do That" The California Democrat started and ended her time with comments on...

Maxine Waters Looks to Stall Facebook on Libra, Zuck Wins Regardless

Maxine Waters, Mark Zuckerberg

By CCN Markets: House Financial Services Committee Chairperson Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) requested that Facebook hold off on developing its crypto, which is named Libra. Facebook Request Cuts Both Ways There are two ways to examine Rep. Waters’ request. First, it’s a good thing for cryptocurrency whether Facebook honors her request or not. Second, Rep. Waters is assisting the public by stalling...

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