Mark Yusko Doesn’t Buy Trade Deal Optimism, Remains Bullish on Bitcoin

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The final quarter of the year starts with some optimism. The U.S. is said to remove sanctions onIran, and Saudi Arabia is said to make peace with Yemen. On trade, investors are hopeful that a deal will happen. Mark Yusko, the CEO and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Morgan Creek Capital, does not buy all … Read more

Parabolic Bitcoin Headed for $30,000, Predicts Morgan Creek CEO

The bitcoin price is once again trading above the $12,000 level, and the current market cycle could take the price to a new all-time high. Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO Mark Yusko was featured on CNBC, where he emphasized that bitcoin is the best-performing asset since October 2018 by a long shot. “I think we’re … Read more

2019 Dow Doom Will Slam Stocks, not ‘Awesome’ Bitcoin: Hedge Fund Manager

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It’s a perfect storm for the U.S. economy, one that won’t end well for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Mark Yusko, Morgan Creek Capital Management CEO and CIO, painted a grim picture for the foreseeable future, advising investors to run as fast as they could away from U.S. equities. In a webinar entitled “You Ain’t … Read more

Stock Market Bear Sets $1 Million Bitcoin Price Target

Hedge fund manager Mark Yusko forecasts that the bitcoin price has the potential to reach $1 million over the long term as the network effect leads increasing numbers of investors to use it as a store of value in place of traditional commodities such as precious metals. Yusko, who founded Morgan Creek Capital Management and … Read more