Lyft Co-Founder Talks ‘Undervalued’ Stock. Insiders Then Make Millions Hitting Sell

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Just last week Lyft co-founder was bullish on the stock. The sell-off by the insiders has netted millions of dollars. Lyft shares are currently on the rebound from last month’s record low. On the day that Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) co-founder and President John Zimmer suggested that the stock was a buy, insiders at the ride-hailing … Read more

California Politicians Heroically Cut Jobs and Hike Taxes with Anti-Uber Bill

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A controversial new bill targeting ridesharing companies goes into effect in January 2020 in California. The bill brings benefits for drivers classified as ‘contractors’ by companies like Uber and Lyft. The bill could, in theory, prohibit some drivers from working due to regulations. As per usual, the government is using its regulatory power to destroy … Read more

Airbnb Isn’t Just Any Unicorn About to IPO. It Actually Makes Money


The newest stock market unicorn to announce its IPO plans is Airbnb. The short-term rental company, which has exploded in popularity over the past few years, announced that it may seek to file for its initial public offering next year. Its most recent fundraising round resulted in a valuation of $35 billion. Airbnb Justifies Its … Read more

California AB5 Threatens to Permanently Kill Lyft & Uber

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The first major regulatory assault on rideshare is about to crash headlong into Lyft and Uber, courtesy of California bill AB5. California Bill AB5 Could Kill Rideshare The California legislature appears certain to pass AB5, which would effectively force Lyft and Uber to reclassify drivers from independent contractors to employees. Governor Gavin Newsom has publicly … Read more

Uber’s Wheels Are Coming Off amid a $1 Billion Loss


Mega-unicorn Uber reported earnings, or rather losses, on Thursday that demonstrate why hype doesn’t always work in a company’s favor. Let’s hit the headline numbers and explain what they mean for Uber’s stock. Solid Growth Across the Board Just like its rival, Lyft, Uber saw a significant increase in gross bookings. That metric was up … Read more

Uber and Lyft Threaten Duopoly, Rideshare Customers Cry Foul

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Lyft Chief Financial Officer Brian Roberts claims that losses the company suffered in 2018 were very likely the “peak” with better times around the corner. On a call with investors, Roberts said that an increase in revenue per rider was behind Q2 earnings completely smashing Wall Street expectations. Third-quarter sales, as well as full-year sales, … Read more