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Buy Bitcoin, Litecoin as Technicals Suggest Higher Prices: Fundstrat

Bitcoin, Litecoin

By CCN Markets: Independent research firm Fundstrat Global Advisors has great news for litecoin and bitcoin enthusiasts. Technical analysis carried out by the firm indicates that most of the cryptocurrencies are set to go on a bull run, and investors should start buying them. Noted bitcoin analyst is telling you to buy, once again Fundstrat technical analyst Rob Sluymer believes that there’s...

Litecoin Price Spikes 357% in 2019 and Momentum Isn't Dead Yet

Litecoin, Litecoin price

By CCN Markets: Year-to-date, litecoin price has increased by 357 percent against the U.S. dollar, outperforming every top ten crypto asset in the global market including bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. The consistent increase in the value of the crypto asset is said to have been triggered by the anticipation of its block reward halving that is expected to occur in about two months. Crypto assets...

Litecoin Hashrate Skyrockets amid Rumors of Next-Gen Miner Availability


By CCN: Litecoin may not be immune to today's crypto market sell-off, but the No. 5 cryptocurrency has been one of the leaders of 2019. In addition to the crypto market's expanding value, the hashrate – which is a reflection of computing power dedicated to the network – has also been on the rise. Litecoin's Hashrate Reaches an All-Time High Once again, Litecoin has been a standout, with its...

5 Crypto Assets With Major Pump-Worthy Catalysts in Q3

crypto, litecoin, zcash, nem

By CCN: The second half of the 2019 blockchain calendar is filled with prominent development landmarks for several crypto market heavyweights Either because of bullish cryptocurrency investor speculation or timely manipulation, these events often coincide with robust price pumps for the coins involved. A review of projects with imminent Q2 landmarks on the horizon can be found here. In the...

'Sell the House, Car and Kids. Buy Litecoin!' CNBC Host Goes Crypto Crazy

Litecoin, Crypto, cryptocurrency

By CCN: Crypto-mania has once again gripped mainstream financial outlets. CNBC’s Fast Money panel were beside themselves yesterday as they analyzed bitcoin and litecoin’s parabolic rise in recent months. The panel whooped and cheered at the mention of litecoin’s 400 percent price rise. The anchor ended the segment yelling: “Sell the house, sell the car, sell the kids. Buy litecoin!” Will #Bitcoin...

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