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Trump's Economy Boosts Bottom 10 Percent of the American Population

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White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow believes the U.S. economy is booming under Donald Trump and the data supports it. Kudlow appeared on Fox Business where he expressed frustration that the mainstream media and certain "individuals running for higher office" were attempting to paint the economy as being in a recession. How Right Is Kudlow? Larry Kudlow is exactly right on most of what he...

Trump Advisor's Shock Admission Threatens to Rock Stock Market

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By CCN: Top Trump advisor Larry Kudlow admitted to Fox News' Chris Wallace that "both sides will suffer" over the Trump administration's U.S.-China trade war. You should expect the stock market will take heed of the likely loss of billions of dollars in business for the American automobile, agricultural, and tech industries when the bell rings on Monday. Fox News Host Debunks Trump Trade War...

Dow Poised to Blast to New All-Time High on 'Really Strong' GDP

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By CCN: The Dow Jones Industrial Average has slightly dipped over the past four days by around 150 points after the U.S. stock market index neared all-time high levels. The Dow's pullback closely followed the strong recovery of the U.S. stock market in recent months, as strategists warned that stocks had become too expensive for retail investors. But, with the U.S. economy in a strong position...

Top Trump Advisor's Shocking Claim Proves Why We Need Bitcoin

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As the Trump administration passes a snowballing debt pile onto Generation Z with self-serving monetary policy, a powerful pro-Bitcoin argument once confined to developing nations is coming home to roost. Trump Advisor Larry Kudlow: No Rate Hikes in My Lifetime The importance of cryptocurrency as a means of financial independence became starkly apparent on Thursday when Trump economic advisor...

Dow Risks Massive Decline as Trump Adviser Exposes Trade Deal Turmoil

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By CCN.com: On Thursday, White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow made the alarming revelation that the U.S. could extend trade talks with China by weeks or even months, which could intensify geopolitical risks in the global economy and fuel the weakening momentum of the Dow Jones. Since its opening, within a three-hour span, the Dow has fallen by nearly 100 points from 25,610, struggling to...

Is Kudlow Shorting the Dow? Stock Market Plunges as Top Trump Adviser Says US & China 'Miles' Apart on Trade

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The Dow’s mid-week sell-off took an even steeper turn on Thursday after White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow broke from the Trump administration talking point that the United States and China are close to reaching an agreement to end the trade war before new tariffs kick in at the beginning of March. Kudlow: US & China 'Miles' Apart on Trade Deal Speaking with Fox Business, Kudlow -- who...

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