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Kanye West Defends ‘Enemy of America’ Trump Fans to David Letterman

Kanye West, Donald Trump, David Letterman

By CCN: Trying to recapture his former “Late Show” fame, David Letterman now serves as the interviewer and host of a Netflix program entitled “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction,” currently in its second season. Marking off the first interview of that season is controversial and outspoken musician Kanye West, who is widely known for his support of President Donald Trump. In an industry largely...

Winklevoss’ Gemini Photo Bombs Kardashian-West at Met Gala After Party

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Winklevoss

By CCN: It turns out the Winklevoss twins aren’t content being Harvard-educated crypto billionaires. They want the title of memelord, too. As this latest piece of marketing shows, cryptocurrency exchange Gemini will do anything to be absorbed into the mainstream consciousness. This includes having their company’s logo photo bomb Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at a Met Gala after party...

How To Do An Altcoin Right: Coinye Vs Dogecoin

How To Do An Altcoin Right: Coinye Vs Dogecoin

I got into cryptocurrencies when I discovered Dogecoin. I had heard about Bitcoin prior to this but had never researched it in depth. Dogecoin was (and still is) very inexpensive, so I got some to see what cryptocurrencies was all about. This lead to me discovering Satoshi’s original whitepaper and seeing all the benefits cryptocurrencies offered to an individual seeking financial liberty...

Interview: Kim Coindashian Wants to Work with the Real Kardashian

Kim Coindashian

When you understand the blockchain and grasp the enormous potential that it possesses, an obvious opportunity presents itself.  Marrying top brands in the entertainment industry with this powerful new technology is somewhat similar to owning a domain name in the early days of the internet.  When the web was just taking off, domain names presented entertainers with the ability to harness the...

Coinye -I’m sorry- Kanye West Is Suing Dogecoin (The Person), Amazon, And Coinye Exchanges And Developers


I can’t make this stuff up! Read the Scribd filing by Pryor Cashman LLP, Kanye’s litigation experts of choice. Always abreast of the newest developments in the Cryptocoin world, CryptoCoinsNews first reported on Coinye on January 2nd, 2014.  Shortly thereafter, legal action was taken by Kanye West and his associates at Pryor Cashman LLP, and on January 6th, 2014 CCN reported that the...

Our Suspicions Have Been Confirmed: Kanye West Had His Lawyers File A Cease And Desist Letter To CoinyeWest.com


As we reported here on CryptoCoinsNews (CCN) on January 6th just hours after the removal of www.coinyewest.com and the previous official CoinyeWest twitter accounts, Coinye has had to re-brand as a result of direct legal action from Mr. Kanye West himself.  Our original article , written by admin Crypto, has been corroborated on the Wall Street Journal as well as Coindesk.  On January 6th, 2014...

Coinye West has been taken down; by Kanye West himself?


For a few days ago we published the news about the new cryptocurrency called Coinye West. The coin received international attention and had clearly a “to the moon” potential during the initial launch which was supposed to be January 11th 2014. Now, the coin’s official twitter account has been removed, and the two subreddits Coinyewest and Coinyemarket has been locked. Even the...

Coinye West


The newest addition to the Cryptocurrency work is inspired by a famous influencer, Kanye West.  In a recent interview with Vice, Coinye West founder explain “Coinye West is a cryptocurrency for the masses. Bitcoin is for hardcore money-hoarders, and Dogecoin was more for the Internet-meme crowds … Our goal with Coinye West is to make it easier for people to use cryptocurrency.” Reddit is on fire...