Juul Insiders Throw Cash Behind a Surprising Democratic Presidential Candidate

juul campaign donations to 2020 democratic presidential candidates

Kamala Harris received nearly twice as much in campaign donations from Juul insiders than any other Democratic presidential candidate. In fact, she’s received more Juul cash than every other candidate combined. Why are Juul insiders supporting her rather than more popular candidates like Joe Biden? While likely Democratic presidential primary voters rally around Joe Biden, … Read more

Kamala Harris’ Biden Beatdown Upends Democratic Primary Odds

kamala harris, democratic primary

According to data from gambling platform PredictIt, a surprising candidate has emerged as the betting favorite to win the 2020 Democratic primary: Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris Opens Surprise Lead in 2020 Betting Market Harris reportedly delivered a beatdown to former Vice President Joe Biden at the recent debates, which has many Democrats buzzing that she … Read more

Ilhan Omar & AOC Terrify Congress and Our Old White Male Overlords

alexandria ocasio-cortez aoc Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC), and Kamala Harris represent the future of an inclusive America. The old white guard in Congress doesn’t like it and has despicably schemed to silence these progressive women from minority groups. From the Hill to the White House: A Den Of Hypocrisy When Ilhan Omar (D-MN) was criticized by conservative … Read more