Juul Insiders Throw Cash Behind a Surprising Democratic Presidential Candidate

juul campaign donations to 2020 democratic presidential candidates

Kamala Harris received nearly twice as much in campaign donations from Juul insiders than any other Democratic presidential candidate. In fact, she’s received more Juul cash than every other candidate combined. Why are Juul insiders supporting her rather than more popular candidates like Joe Biden? While likely Democratic presidential primary voters rally around Joe Biden, … Read more

Juul CEO Resigns as Altria’s $13 Billion Evaporates

altria stock

The ongoing tension in the e-cigarette industry has another victim. In a statement to investors, Juul announced that its CEO, Ken Burns, was resigning. He will be replaced by former Altria executive, K.C. Crosthwaite. At Altria, Crosthwaite led the company’s expansion into heated tobacco products. BREAKING NEWS: -Philip Morris, Altria end merger talks $PM $MO-Juul … Read more

Juul’s Valuation Is Going Up in Smoke After China Terminates Sales

Juul company

Mere days after launching in the world’s largest tobacco market, Juul, a leading e-cigarette producer, had its sales terminated in China; meanwhile, stock estimates have been reduced to little more than vapor, with the firm’s $38 billion valuation slowly evaporating. Just last week the popular vaporizer launched a range of its products on two of … Read more

Who is the Biggest Winner Out of the Vaping Ban and JUUL Debacle?

vaping ban

The Trump administration has proposed a controversial ban on flavored e-cigs produced by companies like JUUL or vaping as a response to an outbreak of lung disease that has reportedly affected hundreds of individuals to date. “The Trump Administration is making it clear that we intend to clear the market of flavored e-cigarettes to reverse … Read more

What Juul’s Landmark Vaping Study Means for Tobacco Regulation

altria stock

Puffing on Juul pods is just as effective for reducing specific tobacco-related biomarkers as complete abstinence from smoking. That’s the conclusion from landmark study data released Saturday during the U.S. Society for Research on Nicotine & Tobacco 2019 Annual Meeting.

Juul Pines for FDA Approval

The small clinical study is the first to be undertaken by Juul Labs, maker of the popular nicotine vaporizer devices. The former Silicon Valley startup has three other studies currently ongoing and hopes to compile enough positive data to convince the FDA to approve Juul by a 2022 deadline.

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