Bitcoin Bull John McAfee Responds to $100M ‘Zombie ICO’ Lawsuit

Bitcoin bull John McAfee wants to resolve his dispute with the South China Zombie Research Centre over their “zombie ICO” partnership. China Zombie threatened to file a $100 million lawsuit against McAfee. In an angry tweetstorm, China Zombie claims McAfee trashed them in a white paper they had hired him to write to promote their … Read more

John McAfee Wants You to ‘GET A GRIP!’ About Bitcoin Price Slump

By John McAfee hasn’t been talking about cryptocurrency very much lately, preferring to focus on his political agenda heading into 2020. This changed on Thursday when the mercurial tech provocateur posted a tweet urging his followers to keep their faith in Bitcoin. Bitcoin jitters? Just stop it! Short term fluctuations are meaningless. Bitcoin is … Read more

McAfee Blasts Twitter Over Callous Disregard for Bitcoin Scams

Early on Monday, brought to light the misadventures of an insidious scammer pretending to be none other than the Bitcoin renegade himself, John McAfee. McAfee: Twitter Never Even Responds to My Crypto Scam Reports After we tipped off McAfee and his wife, Janice, to the fraudulent article in question, John responded by sharing his … Read more

Insidious Bitcoin Scammer Masquerades as John McAfee

An impersonator is attempting to scam followers of outspoken crypto celebrity John McAfee via Medium. The so-called “McAfee Crypto Extravaganza” promises mouth-watering 10x returns – if and only if – you deposit a small amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum in the attacker’s wallet first. first alerted Janice McAfee to the scam, who subsequently eviscerated … Read more

John McAfee Makes Desperate Plea to Keep WhatsApp Encrypted

Somewhere in the world, seated in a makeshift faraday cage, the godfather of tech security John McAfee continues to passionately advocate for internet privacy. His latest comments focus on Facebook’s encrypted messaging app, WhatsApp, and his fears that the U.S. government will eliminate any degree of privacy online. The Government's assault on Whatsapp and other … Read more