Amazon Shareholders: Stop Selling Facial Recognition to Governments

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A group of Amazon shareholders, organized by a non-profit called Open Mic, are demanding that Amazon cease sales of its Rekognition software to government agencies. Open Mic bills itself as “a non-profit that fosters shareholder engagement at leading tech and media companies.” The facial recognition suite has been proven in independent tests to be inaccurate, … Read more

“Jeff Bozo”: Trump Seizes Long Awaited Opportunity To Blast Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos

U.S. President Donald Trump has launched a broadside at Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, describing him as “Jeff Bozo” in a tweet posted late Sunday night. Referencing the ongoing coverage of Bezos’ divorce, Trump sarcastically offered his sympathy to Bezos for being taken down by a rival publication. The tweet marks the latest in a long … Read more

Why Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Could be Bullish for Amazon Shares

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News of Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie Bezos divorcing sparked questions about how the split could affect the world’s most valuable company’s stock. While there were questions, there wasn’t panic. Investors are in wait-and-see mode. The news, which came Wednesday via a tweet from Jeff Bezos, barely moved Amazon’s share price. It closed … Read more

Jeff Bezos’ Affair With Married Lauren Sanchez Puts World’s Largest Fortune At Risk

In an earlier report about the Bezos divorce, wondered if Jeff Bezos and his wife MacKenzie had used a prenuptial agreement when they were married in 1993. Perhaps unfortunately for Jeff, they did not, TMZ reports. Was Jeff Bezos Cheating? Reportedly, Jeff Bezos has been officially carrying on a relationship with married Lauren Sanchez … Read more

How Much Will Jeff Bezos’ Divorce Cost the World’s Richest Man?

Update 4/4: MacKenzie Bezos revealed in a Twitter post that following a divorce settlement, Jeff Bezos would retain a staggering 75% of the couple’s Amazon stock, along with all of her interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin. — MacKenzie Bezos (@mackenziebezos) April 4, 2019 MacKenzie Bezos wrote: “Grateful to have finished the … Read more

2018 Stock Market Crash Shreds $76 Billion Off America’s Wealthiest

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The stock market crash in 2018 shredded billions off the wealthiest Americans. A staggering $76 billion were wiped off their balance sheets. Still, new billionaires were added to the infamous Forbes list, while some industry investors saw their fortune increase and decrease, at the same time, per a Bloomberg report. Fifteen individuals were added to … Read more