China’s iPhone 11 Love Affair Could Send Apple Stock to New Highs

iphone 11 demand in china could spur an apple stock rally

Analysts have expressed concerns towards declining sales of Apple products since early 2019, particularly after AAPL’s $44 billion sell-off last month. Its flagship iPhone 11, however, is selling unexpectedly well in China, which may be the catalyst Apple stock needed. Pinched by the U.S.-China Trade War, as well as shifting tastes among Chinese consumers towards … Read more

Apple’s iPhone 11 Triggered an Insanely Weird Twitter Meltdown

apple iphone 11 pro, trypophobia

Apple unveiled its flagship iPhone 11 on Tuesday, and what otherwise might have been a yawn-inducing launch caused a stir among one very specific demographic: Twitter users with “trypophobia,” the pathological fear of tiny holes. New iPhone 11 Pro Camera Triggers Twitter Users With Fear of Tiny Holes Hailed as a “photographer’s dream come true” … Read more