Cryptocurrency Slays Cash and Cards as Lunch Money in IMF Twitter Poll

56% of people think we’ll be using cryptocurrency to pay for lunch in five years, according to a Twitter poll by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). While Twitter polls aren’t exactly scientific, they’re a fair gauge of public opinion, especially when conducted by a reputable institutional like the IMF. With 37,660 votes, there’s a clear … Read more

Trade Wars, Brexit & a Weak 2019 Forecast: What’s Prompting Asian and European Markets to Decline?

Asia, Europe Stock market

By Asian and European markets opened Tuesday on a weaker note as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned about sluggish global growth in 2019. Weak Chinese Market Forecasts The Asian session primarily saw a slowdown in the Chinese economy. At 0625 UTC, the Shanghai Composite index was trading at 2579.669 points, down 1.15% from … Read more

Bitcoin Nothing More Than a ‘Lottery Ticket’: Harvard Economist

bitcoin lottery ticket gambling

Former IMF Chief Economist and current Harvard University Professor of Economics and Public Policy Kenneth Rogoff believe that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies currently amount to little more than “lottery tickets” at this moment in time. Writing in the Guardian on Monday, Rogoff stated that while some believe that cryptocurrencies have had their day and are … Read more