Halo: Combat Evolved PC is Coming, but Can it Succeed in Competitive Play?

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Halo: Combat Evolved will be the next PC build released on the Steam Marketplace. Halo Community Director says Halo: CE will start flighting “after the holiday”. The PC variant of the game will have a very minor margin for error to hold up to current competitive standards. The March 2019 announcement that legacy franchise Halo … Read more

Heroin Addict Turned Fortnite Streamer Feels ‘Obligated’ to Help People

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By CCN.com: Chicago-based Fortnite and Halo Twitch streamer Aaron Travis, better known as “ac7ionmannn,” struggled with heroin addiction for several years. Now he wants to help other drug users fight their addictions. From a shower gel-stealing heroin addict to a hard-working Fortnite streamer His addiction had become so extreme that at one point in 2012, … Read more