Valve Cancels Half-Life: Alyx Preview, Proving the Game Is Nowhere Near Ready

Half-Life: Alyx

Valve pulled the Half-Life: Alyx preview from The Game Awards only three hours before schedule Rival VR action-adventure Boneworks launched only a few days ago is already getting rave reviews Half-Life: Alyx development is presumably not up to scratch despite Valve’s considerable resources In a mad dash to save face, Valve decided at the last … Read more

Valve is Fixing Half-Life Bugs, 20 Years After Original Launch

Steam, Valve, Half-Life

Here’s an oddity; Valve has updated Half-Life with a slew of fixes and updates 20 years after the game’s release. Half-Life Fixes and Updates The update, which was pushed out late yesterday over on Steam, includes some pretty underwhelming changes, but ones that should nevertheless improve the experience for the, on average, 300 to 400 … Read more