[White Hat] Hackers Join Search for $530 Million in Stolen Cryptocurrency


White hat hackers have been instrumental in investigations regarding last month's breach of the Coincheck exchange. The community members have helped track down the $538m of NEM cryptocurrency that was stolen from the Tokyo-based exchange. The ethical hackers have assisted authorities and encouraged others to join in providing aid. One prominent white hat known by the Twitter handle JK17 managed...

Man Accused of Kidnapping, Armed Robbery and Theft of $1.8 Million in Ether

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A 35-year-old man has been indicted for orchestrating a kidnapping, armed robbery, and the theft of more than $1.8 million in ether. Manhattan district attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr., announced earlier this week that he had indicted Louis Meza in a New York State Supreme Court after he was accused of coordinating an armed robbery and the kidnapping of a victim in order to obtain the keys to a...

SmartBillions Challenges Hackers with 1,500 Ether Reward, Gets Hacked and Pulls Most of It Out


SmartBillions, a so-called fully decentralized and transparent lottery system, managed by an Ethereum smart contract, recently challenged hackers to get through its smart contract’s security, and added a 1,500 Ether ($450,000) reward to be collected by anyone that managed to compromise it. The goal was to demonstrate “the SmartBillions lottery smart contract’s comprehensive security.” Initially...

Hacker Nets over $500,000 after Hacking Enigma before ICO Date

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Last month, CCN reported on CoinDash’s ICO being hacked. Hackers managed to change the address on its website and made over $9 million. Now, despite not making as much money, a hacker managed to compromise Enigma before its ICO in a similar way, and has netted over 1,500 Ether (over $500,000) from the community. Enigma, a project started by MIT graduates whose ICO was scheduled for September...

Classic Ether Wallet Falls Victim to a Social Engineering Hacker

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Popular Ethereum Classic (ETC) wallet Classic Ether Wallet has recently been compromised by a social engineering attack and users are, at least for now, advised not to use the service. The wallet was hijacked by a hacker who called the wallet’s web host, German company 1and1 and managed to convince them that he was the website’s owner, therefore being granted access. How the hacker convinced...

The DAO Hacker Cashes Out


In the parallel universe of Ethereum Classic, the DAO saga continues with the DAO hacker, whose IP may have recently been identified, converting almost 100,000 ETC into 144.92992187 bitcoin, worth almost $100,000. According to chain analysis by Bok Consulting, the hacker divided 106,100 ETC into smaller amounts of approximately 2,333 ETC in different addresses, then sent them to Shapeshift for...

Bitcoin Vigil: Detecting Malware Through Bitcoin


Bitcoin-stealing malware has drained the wallets of many unlucky victims over the years. The more valuable and understood Bitcoin becomes, the more such attacks can be expected. Common sense security practices, like not opening random links or attachments in unsolicited emails, certainly help to lower the risk of malware infection. But unless your bitcoins funds are vaulted within an air-gapped...