Grand Theft Auto V Evolves From Bigfoot to Aliens in Halloween Showdown

grand theft auto

The GTA series has a history of spooky content. GTA V Online now allows you to turn into Bigfoot for Halloween. Here are four super creepy things to find in GTA V all-year-round. Special in-game events for Halloween might be great, but what about games like Grand Theft Auto V that have spooky content all-year-round? … Read more

6-Year-Old Grand Theft Auto V Is Still Making Millions

grand theft auto v (GTA 5)

Few games offer the same stratospheric success as Grand Theft Auto V has for publisher Rockstar Games. Despite releasing what feels like a lifetime ago precisely six years to the day, the consummate open-world criminal sim remains one of the best selling games month after month. The Most Profitable Entertainment Product of All Time With … Read more