Ghana Should Invest 1% of Its Reserves in Bitcoin: Nduom VP Tells Central Bank


An executive at a prominent Ghanaian holding company has urged Ghana’s central bank to invest one percent of its reserves in bitcoin. Groupe Nduom VP Urgest Ghana’s Central Bank to Invest in Bitcoin Speaking with Accra-based publication Joy Business, Papa-Wassa Chiefy Nduom — vice president of Groupe Ndoum — said that bitcoin has grown so large that central banks can no longer...

Blockchain Tech Used to Prevent Property Fraud in Africa


A new startup company in Africa is hoping to stop property fraud with the use of the blockchain technology in emerging markets. Based in Ghana, BenBen is a digital land registry that allows users to quickly search for land information and perform property transactions. By integrating with BenBen, governments can make their land information quickly searchable for people where they can digitally...

Towards Blockchain-Based Land Titles In Northern Ghana

Blockchain title land Ghana

Afrikanus teaches young people how to be entrepreneurs in Ghana. He works with Bitnation to issue blockchain-based title deeds and establish what he terms a “Free Economic Enclave”  in northern Ghana, where the poorest parts of the nation are located. Ghana, a nation of 27 million people, might not be considered a leader in blockchain technology. Nevertheless, a contingent of locals, led largely...

Liberating Northern Ghana on the Block Chain: Model for Africa?


Land in many parts of Africa remains an emotive subject. Often fought over, few governments seem to have a clear approach to handling sensitive land issues. However one group in Ghana the Africa Youth Peace Call has come up with a novel way of solving the land question in Northern Ghana – by registering land titles on the block chain. Land Ownership in Ghana – The Bottlenecks Northern Ghana...

Coming to Africa: BitPesa Receives $1Million in Funding


Bitcoin is making progress growing throughout emerging markets worldwide. Africa seems to be the next area for growth in the market of international currency transfers and remittances, via the Bitcoin startup BitPesa. Now, with the help of California’s Pantera Capital Management LP, BitPesa has received over $1 million USD in new funding for their burgeoning Bitcoin operations in Africa. In...

Bitcoin’s Global Reach Hits Africa’s Ghana


As Bitcoin has become a global phenomenon, with the acquisition of super-corporations like Microsoft, Dell Computers, and Paypal, let’s not forget that Bitcoin has more humble, but even more important aspirations. Probably its best skill is to bring global finance to the “unbanked” worldwide. Adding international reach and exchange to those who are challenged to deal locally...