Ethereum Flash Crashes to $13 on Coinbase, Low Orders Reportedly Filled

Ethereum price

Earlier today, the Ethereum price temporarily fell to $13 on GDAX, a high performance trading platform operated by Coinbase. According to former forex trader and cryptocurrency analyst Cole Garner, low orders in the range of $13 to $60 were actually filled on the platform. Garner published screenshots of GDAX that showed successfully filed orders at $55 and $65. As of December 7, the price of...

How Bittrex Does Crypto-to-Fiat Trades When Other Cryptocurrency Exchanges Can't

Bitcoin USD

According to Bill Shihara, the CEO at Bittrex, which remains as one of the very few cryptocurrency exchanges apart from South Korea’s Bithumb and UPbit that users can utilize to purchase tokens with fiat currency, stated that every single digital asset listed on Bittrex goes through a rigorous review process. “For us, it is primarily about innovation. That’s what we are excited about. We have a...

Coinbase to Open Chicago Office & Offer Block Trading to Institutional Clients

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Cryptocurrency industry giant Coinbase is preparing to open an office in Chicago and add support for block trading in a bid to attract more institutional clients to GDAX, its professional trading platform. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Business Insider reports that Coinbase will begin offering block trading -- which allows traders to place large orders outside of the exchange’s normal...

Increased SegWit Adoption May have Finally Solved Bitcoin’s Fee Problem

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A couple months after two of the largest cryptocurrency trading exchanges, Bitfinex and GDAX, finally adopted the bitcoin SegWit protocol, transaction fees for the currency are finally back to reasonable levels. Bitfinex, on February 20 2018, announced support for bitcoin deposit and withdrawals using P2SH Segregated Witness (SegWit) addresses while GDAX, on February 23, introduced a phased...

Coinbase Probes Insider Trading Allegations with Bitcoin Cash Launch

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On December 20, employees and contractors of Coinbase, the world’s largest bitcoin brokerage and wallet platform, were accused by many members of the bitcoin community for insider trading. Abrupt Bitcoin Cash Price Surges Occurred in the Past Amongst the many critics was George Kikvadze, the vice chairman at Bitfury, who described the sudden surge in the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) moments prior...

Bitcoin Cash Surges by 50%, Market Optimistic on Coinbase Integration


The Bitcoin Cash price has surged by more than 50 percent over the past 24 hours, triggered by the South Korean market’s abrupt increase in demand and the integration of the cryptocurrency by Coinbase. Coinbase Briefly Halts Bitcoin Cash Trading Due to Volatility Earlier today, on December 20, the global cryptocurrency exchange market’s largest brokerage and wallet platform Coinbase, the first...

$850: Ethereum Price Hits New All-Time High with Explosive Growth

Ethereum price

The Ethereum price has surpassed the $850 mark for the first time in history, establishing a new all-time high amidst strong performances by decentralized applications like CryptoKitties and EtherDelta. Ether on the Rise Ether, the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain network, has recorded a $3.8 billion daily trading volume consistently over the past three days. Throughout the past...

Bitcoin’s Wild Ride: a Run-Down of Thursday’s Dizzying Movements


Widespread outages. A $4,000 spread between two of the largest Western exchanges. The fastest $1,000 bitcoin price surge in history. Those were just a few of the events that bitcoin traders encountered on Thursday -- a day that proved to be one of the most frantic in recent memory. The bitcoin price began the day on an incline, punching through $15,000 less than 24 hours after reaching $13,000...

Bitcoin Price Frenzy: GDAX Goes Down After Price Clips $19,000


Bitcoin’s record-setting run took another unprecedented turn on Thursday, as the bitcoin price ripped past $19,000 on cryptocurrency exchange GDAX, leaving a trail of altcoin carnage in its wake. However, the rally was characterized by unusual trading activity, including one of the largest BTC/USD spreads in recent memory. Bitcoin Price Clips $19,000 The breathtaking climb saw bitcoin rise more...

‘Nail in the Coffin’: Coinbase to List SegWit2x Chain as ‘Bitcoin2x’


Bitcoin exchange Coinbase has reaffirmed its intention to provide support for both Bitcoin blockchains following the SegWit2x hard fork in November. Significantly, the forked blockchain will be listed as Bitcoin2x under the B2X ticker symbol. Coinbase to List Forked Chain as 'Bitcoin2x' Coinbase made the announcement in a blog post, bringing clarity to how it plans to handle the contentious...

U.S. Financial Watchdog Investigating Ethereum Price Flash Crash on GDAX: Report


The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is investigating the June 21 ethereum price flash crash that occurred on GDAX. CFTC Investigating Ethereum Price Flash Crash As reported by Bloomberg, the CFTC has asked Coinbase -- the owner and operator of GDAX -- to supply information about the June 21 flash crash, which caused the ethereum price to plunge from $317.81 to 10 cents within...

Coinbase's Bailout of Ethereum Traders; Was it the Right Move?

Coinbase Ethereum

On June 24, Adam White, the vice president Coinbase’s flagship digital asset exchange GDAX, revealed that the company will reimburse around $1 million to bailout traders that experienced large losses amidst a flash crash of Ethereum on the GDAX trading platform. “We will establish a process to credit customer accounts which experienced a margin call or stop loss order executed on the GDAX ETH-USD...

As Bitcoin & Ethereum Fall, Coinbase Goes Offline & GDAX Halts Trading

Coinbase GDAX

As Bitcoin and Ethereum take a tumble, the spike in user traffic at both Coinbase and GDAX have resulted in outages and trading freezes respectively. On Monday at the time of press, bitcoin is down nearly 7.5% on the day while Ethereum is closer to a significant 20%, driving opportunistic investors to partake in a buying frenzy while prices fall. The ensuing traffic on Coinbase and GDAX, an...

Coinbase Isn’t Supporting Ethereum Classic, Yet

Coinbase Ethereum

Digital currency exchange Coinbase has revealed its stance with the Ethereum hard fork, stating that it has no plans to support Ethereum Classic, the spin-off blockchain based on the consensus and protocols of the original Ethereum blockchain. In an announcement today, bitcoin and ether exchange Coinbase has revealed that its recently launched support for ether, the token currency of the Ethereum...