Netflix Was Astonishingly Foolish to Greenlight Season 2 of The Witcher

The Witcher Season 2 Netflix

There is a lot of hype surrounding Netflix’s “The Witcher” series. The show has already been greenlit for a second season despite the first one not being out yet. This might end up with some issues for the show’s producers. The upcoming Netflix rendition of The Witcher has some pretty serious hype surrounding it. Many … Read more

Bolivia Mirrors Game of Thrones as Protestors Force Mayor on ‘Walk of Shame’

Bolivia protests, vinto, game of thrones

A Bolivian mayor suffered the wrath of anti-government protestors who seemed to get their inspiration from Game of Thrones. Bolivians are protesting the presidential election conducted last month. President Evo Morales expressed support for her as his defense minister rebuked protestors. Fantasy geeks will recognize this story immediately – a powerful woman is subjected to … Read more

HBO Made the Right Call Icing Naomi Watts’ Game of Thrones Prequel

HBO Game of Thrones

HBO has cancelled a hotly anticipated Game of Thrones prequel starring Naomi Watts. This may prove to be the right call for a nervous network dealing with the fallout from GoT’s polarizing final season. The network just ordered 10 episodes of “House of the Dragon” to ensure mainstream appeal and help it survive the upcoming … Read more

Game of Thrones Geniuses Quit Star Wars Trilogy for Your Netflix Binge

Star Wars fans can now breathe easy as the Game of Thrones showrunners have opted out of a chance to ruin a 2022 instalment of the trilogy. According to Deadline, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have exited the Star Wars project. The duo have cited their busy schedules as the reason for walking away from … Read more

Game of Thrones ‘Deepfake’ Video Rubs Salt in Wounds of Upset Fans

game of thrones

By It seems impossible that the famous “Downfall” video meme would ever face serious competition, but the advent of deepfake videos may de-throne this internet favorite. The latest internet deep-fakery video meme comes in the form of Jon Snow criticizing the final season of “Game of Thrones.” “It’s time for some apologies. I’m sorry … Read more

Dow Flounders as Analyst Savages Trump’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Strategy

Donald Trump, Dow Jones, Game of Thrones

By The Dow suffered whiplash on Tuesday after Donald Trump’s shocking China flip-flop spooked the markets and distracted investors from the president’s otherwise successful four-day visit to Japan. Meanwhile, one stock market analyst says that he has had enough of Trump’s “Game of Thrones” presidency and its utterly “disappointing” results. Dow Erases 100 Point … Read more

Game of Thrones: One Chart Exposes GoT Haters as Pretentious Liars

game of thrones finale ratings

By Despite snot-nosed viewers of the fantastic “Game of Thrones” finale carrying digital pitchforks and torches to HBO HQ, the episode pulled in 19.3 million viewers– the most of any episode this season. Check out this chart: Those numbers haven’t been seen on network TV in more than a decade, and they exposed “Game … Read more