Terrifying Sekiro ‘Toy Story’ Mod Will Ruin Your Childhood

Sekiro Toy Story Mod

Not satisfied with Sekiro’s heavy focus on themes of death amid an ultra-violent world of otherworldly specters and sword-wielding apes capable of downing the player with one fell swoop, a modder has taken it upon themselves to replace our favorite resurrecting shinobi with none other than Woody from Toy Story. Sekiro Toy Story Mod Turns … Read more

Sekiro Easy Mod Is the Lazy Gamer’s Ultimate Cop-Out

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice easy mod

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is hard – unforgivably hard. If you stand among the countless players who’ve given up in the face of Sekiro’s inherent difficulty, then a new easy mod may be just what the doctor ordered. The freshly-released PC mod developed by modder Tender Box allows players to drastically scale down the difficulty … Read more