Patriots Owner’s ‘Graphic’ Sex Tape Could Be Released to Peeping Tom Public

robert kraft, florida sex spa

Robert Kraft’s graphic sex tape — where he’s caught on video receiving oral sex at a Florida massage parlor — will probably be released publicly. That’s what Florida authorities said one day after the billionaire New England Patriots owner filed a motion to keep the police surveillance videos kept under seal. Martin County Sheriff William … Read more

Robert Kraft Gets Happy Ending as Florida Prosecutors Offer to Drop Sex Sting Charges

robert kraft, sex sting

Robert Kraft, the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots, could finally get a happy ending to his humiliating prostitution scandal. Florida prosecutors are offering to drop the charges — if Kraft admits that he would’ve been found guilty at trial. Under the proposed “deferred prosecution agreement,” Kraft would have to complete 100 hours of … Read more

Florida Delicenses Healthcare Workers That Default on Student Loans

loans, debt

Americans now owe more in student loan debt than they do towards credit cards and vehicles combined. Currently, there are nearly 45 million student loan borrowers with over 10 percent of them in default. In a move that has been interpreted as counterproductive, Florida’s Board of Health has decided to suspend the licenses of dozens … Read more

Florida Teenagers Planned Dark Web Terrorist Attack on Jacksonville School

florida jacksonville school terrorist attack

Grant Shirley, 17 and Matthew Guey, 15, have been arrested following a plot to create a napalm bomb which was allegedly to be used to kill or maim classmates at a Jacksonville private school campus.

One of the teenagers reportedly accessed the dark web to research how to create a firebomb that would cause severe burns as well as death, causing flaming material to stick to the skin and flesh of victims as it burned.

Fistfight Led to Arrest at Jacksonville School

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Florida Sex Spa’s Ex-Owner Sold Chinese Bigwigs Access to Trump

donald trump, mar-a-lago, florida sex spa

A Florida woman notorious in the Palm Beach area for allegedly running a prostitution business out of a chain of massage parlors called Tokyo Day Spas has been connected to Robert Kraft and President Donald Trump. Robert Kraft, the New York private equity investor and New England Patriots owner, was recently caught up in a … Read more

Florida Bitcoin Trader Faces Felony Charges for Selling Crypto to Undercover Police

bitcoin trader florida arrest

It’s a case of police entrapment that goes beyond the pale. After a ruling Wednesday by the U.S. Third District Court of appeals, a Florida man will have to face a trial by jury over felony charges in Miami for selling bitcoin to undercover police. Felony Charges for a Victimless Crime? “Espinoza’s bitcoins-for-cash business requires … Read more