Trump Touching Finland’s President Is the Most Awkward Thing You’ll Watch Today

donald trump awkwardly touches finland's president Sauli niinsto

Donald Trump awkwardly patted Finnish president Sauli Niinistö’s leg at a joint press conference on Wednesday. You could say Finland’s president wasn’t very receptive to the gesture. The best part? It was all caught on video. Watch Trump awkwardly pat Finland’s president on the leg Watch the president of #Finland ‘s reaction to @realDonaldTrump touching … Read more

Free Money for Everyone Sounds Great, But Finland Proves Basic Income is a Bust

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Universal basic income experiments and other plans that seek to distribute free money seem wonderful considering so many people struggle to make ends meet because of their limited incomes. In the U.S., many legislators have called for federal and or/state governments to trial these economic policies. One recent proposal actually calls for people to receive … Read more

Vote Bitcoin Friendly Pirate Party In Sunday’s 2015 Finland Parliamentary Election

If you’re a citizen of Finland, this weekend presents you a chance to vote in favor of the Pirate Party of Finland (Piraattipuolue) in the Finnish Parliament election, which occurs on Sunday.  The party is a member of Pirate Parties International and has long accepted Bitcoin donations. Last month, the party received more than 10,000 … Read more