Did President Trump Just Paint Economy into Corner with This Tweet?

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By CCN.com: In case there was any doubt, President Trump has made it clear what he believes it will take to jumpstart this economy. He would like to see a 100 basis-point cut in interest rates topped off with a dose of quantitative easing. Wall Street is largely expecting a half-point rate cut.  The president … Read more

Fed’s Bullard Deflates Stock Market’s Hope of Early Rate Cut

By CCN.com: If you were hoping that the Federal Reserve would commission an urgent gathering to discuss the fate of interest rates and save the stock market, you’re out of luck. James Bullard, who is at the helm of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, told Fox Business that an emergency meeting and seemingly … Read more

Recession Conspiracy Theories Are All Wrong: Former Fed Chair

janet yellen

By CCN.com: While Jerome Powell remains in the hot seat, a former Fed Chair insists that things are not that bad from where she sits. Janet Yellen, who was in Powell’s spot from 2014-2018, visited Fox Business where she said that the inverted yield curve, which has everyone in a tizzy about a recession, could … Read more

Trump Urges Fed to ‘Do Something’ as Stock Market Signals Recession

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By CCN.com: The stock market major indices including the Dow Jones are getting shellacked today as the yield inversion in the bond market spooks investors. The yield curve hasn’t been inverted for very long, but because it could be a harbinger of an economic recession historically, it’s enough to send stocks reeling. President Trump isn’t … Read more

Fed Rate Cut Was NEVER Going to Spark a Bitcoin Rally

Federal Reserve, Fed Rate, Bitcoin

A number of different securities opinion-makers, from Barron’s to CCN.com’s own Ben Brown, have opined that the Federal Reserve rate cut will ignite a bitcoin rally. The truth is that, like everything else having to do with bitcoin, any movement in its price will be based entirely on speculation. That’s why it will always be … Read more

Fed-Infused Rally Delivers Second Strongest Dow Performance This Year

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By CCN.com: Fed Chairman Jerome Powell isn’t about to let the stock market crumble on his watch. The Dow took the hint, responding positively to Powell’s measured opening address during a two-day meeting at the Chicago Fed. By the end of the day, the Dow tacked on more than 500 points, reportedly making it the … Read more

Stunning! Dow Recovers as US Economy Thrives, Adding 263k Jobs

NYSE trader

By CCN.com: The Dow Jones has surged by 0.8% on the day to 26,517 points after a dip on May 2, which saw the Dow fall to as low as 26,213 points. The unexpected 1.6% decline in the Dow earlier this week is said to have been primarily triggered by the withdrawal of Stephen Moore … Read more

US Central Bank Explains How Bitcoin is Like ‘Regular Currency’

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Christine Smith, a content strategist with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, suggests bitcoin is less “exotic” and more boring than people may think. Bitcoin’s two use cases are as a store of value and a currency, the latter of which Smith uses to argue a trio of reasons why the leading digital currency … Read more