Crypto-Pumping Overstock Boss: FBI Ordered Me to Bang Russian Spy

crypto-loving Patrick Byrne says the FBI ordered him to bang Russian spy Maria Butina

Overstock CEO and noted crypto pumper Patrick Byrne has publicly claimed that he carried on a romantic relationship with convicted Russian spy Maria Butina. He further claims that the FBI asked him to work his way back into her bedroom, but he declined the order. A Russian Gun Rights Activist Walks Into a Liberty Conference… … Read more

Cryptic FBI Tweet Exposes Top Secret ‘Bigfoot Files’

bigfoot fbi files

By The FBI Records Vault recently unsealed documents from a blockbuster 1976 “Bigfoot” investigation. But the disclosure may raise some hairy questions. The Bureau tweeted a link to the big revelation – and the apparently previously-secret documents – with one cryptic word: “Bigfoot.” The documents reveal a request by The Bigfoot Information Center and … Read more

FBI Dismantles Deep Dot Web in Seismic Dark Market Platform Bust

FBI denies overstock CEO's allegation

By The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has busted several people accused of running the Deep Dot Web, a website that provides access to illegal dark web marketplaces and websites. According to several reports, the feds worked in partnership with Europol and law enforcement authorities in Germany and the Netherlands over a period of … Read more

Back Pay? No Way: U.S. Federal Contractors Losing $200 Million in Daily Revenue Due to Government Shutdown

Donald Trump Government Shutdown

U.S. federal government contractors could be losing up to $200 million in delayed or foregone revenue each day the shutdown drags on. In some cases, some contractors have completed work but their invoices can’t be processed as the responsible government agencies, departments or offices are closed. This is now beginning to be felt in the … Read more

$1.2 Billion in Cryptocurrency Laundered Through Bitcoin Tumblers, Privacy Coins


California-based blockchain and cryptocurrency security firm CipherTrace released its Q2 2018 report in July 2018 and noted the rise of cryptocurrency crime, money laundering, and other illicit activities. One particular item of note was that $1.2 billion has been laundered through cryptocurrency tools such as bitcoin tumblers and privacy-centric altcoins like zcash and monero. Criminals … Read more

FBI Now Says Don’t Pay Bitcoin to Ransomware Extortionists

FBI Bitcoin

The FBI has changed its stance on ransomware extortionists saying people targeted should refuse to pay the bitcoin ransom despite a previous statement from the FBI encouraging victims to pay a ransom. At a recent Federal Trade Commission’s Fall Technology Series, a supervisory special agent for the FBI’s Cyber Division, Will Bales, said that businesses … Read more