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Assassin's Creed: Crypto? Ubisoft Taps Ethereum for Blockchain Gaming

Ubisoft, Blockchain, Ethereum

By CCN Markets: French video game giant Ubisoft has announced an effort to develop blockchain gaming through Ethereum. In a report published June 11 by French news outlet Les Échos, Ubisoft is already months into the development of blockchain products using Ethereum. The company is looking to monetize and improve upon their existing implementation of in-game items and other unlockables. However...

Video Streaming Startup Pursues SEC-Compliant Ethereum-Based Crypto

younow, SEC

By CCN Markets: YouNow, a live video streaming startup, has filed a public offering circular with the U.S. SEC for a native cryptocurrency called the Props token. The company is not looking to sell this digital asset to investors; instead, they want to distribute it and are seeking compliant 'mining' of Props in the U.S. The filing has been done through the SEC's A+ exemption, which entitles a...

Austria Post Launches 'Crypto Stamp' Collectibles on the Ethereum Blockchain

Austria post, Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum, Crypto stamp

By CCN Markets: Stamp collecting just entered the 21st century, as the Austrian Post Office unveiled its limited edition 'crypto stamp' collectibles, powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Send Your Stamp, Keep A Collectible Crypto Stamp A limited 150,000 unit run of five different stamps – black, red, blue, yellow, black – allows the owner to use a physical stamp, but then save its image in their...

Dark Horse Cryptocurrency Spikes 60% After Surprise Google Shout-Out

google, chainlink cryptocurrency (LINK)

By CCN Markets: A little-known cryptocurrency spiked more than 60% after Google gave the project a surprise shout-out in an equally-unexpected blog post on how to use Ethereum and Google Cloud to build hybrid blockchain applications. Google Sends Chainlike Cryptocurrency Into the Stratosphere That cryptocurrency, Chainlink (LINK), enjoyed a parabolic swing that launched its price as high as $2.00...

John McAfee Unveils Magic Crypto Trading Portal, Site Suffers DoS Attack

john mcafee

By CCN Markets: It's never a dull day in crypto when John McAfee is involved. The outlandish computer programmer and businessman just launched his latest venture – a crypto trading portal. Knighted as McAfee Magic, the platform is live but has already experienced a few hiccups.   The site has experienced repeated denial-of-service (DoS) attacks preventing users from logging in to experience...

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