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Bitcoin is Absolutely Clobbering Your Favorite Altcoin This Season


Many crypto enthusiasts love to hype the ever elusive altcoin season ("altseason"), which has long been hailed as one of the most profitable bitcoin market cycles for active cryptocurrency traders. When the season is in full swing, larger altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple, and even small-cap assets like Pundi X exponentially rise in value against bitcoin. Traders who catch the trend early can grow...

Squad Up! Millennial Gamers Will Pave Way to Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoin, Gaming

The link between gaming and crypto is so strong, that were it not for Vitalik Buterin’s encounter with World of Warcraft, the Ethereum creator would never have founded the most well-known alternative to Bitcoin. That’s a link in a chain that has already looped back on itself; more millennials now say they’d invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum before they would traditional stocks...

Why Crypto Investors Are Paying Insane 2,000% Premiums on Ethereum

ethereum price

According to Charlie Bilello, an investor and a finance researcher, Ethereum is being traded with substantial premiums above spot value through Grayscale's Ethereum Investment Trust (ETHE). Grayscale's Ethereum Trust started trading last week. These are the premiums investors have paid above the net asset value of the Ethereum holdings...June 20: 1,059%June 21: 2,022%June 24: 347%June 25:...

Opera Becomes the First iOS Browser With a Built-In Crypto Wallet

Opera, Crypto

Opera, the major web browser, has brought cryptocurrency to the iPhone. The company announced Wednesday that its Opera Touch browser now comes with an Ethereum crypto wallet. The move follows a previous rollout of a crypto wallet for Android smartphones and PCs running Mac, Linux and Windows. Charles Hamel, head of crypto at Opera browsers, welcomed the move in a statement: We believe that all...

Some Idiot Paid $5,000 for Ethereum Yesterday

idiot paid $5,000 ethereum price

Ok, maybe we should have seen yesterday's bitcoin price crash coming. Let me rephrase that: I should have seen yesterday's bitcoin price crash coming. Here's why: I watched some idiot buy ethereum at $5,000 in real-time. So I don't know why I was so surprised when, just a few hours later, the bitcoin price began a vicious 20% plunge. Let me back up and explain exactly what happened. The $5,000...

Ethereum Could Soar to $900, Predicts Popular Elliott Wave Trader


Bitcoin’s jaw-dropping run over the last few weeks has made many people euphoric. Some are starting to predict that the leading cryptocurrency will hit $60,000 in this bull cycle. Claims like this often signal that a local top is in. If that’s the case, those who took profits at current levels might move their capital to other crypto tokens. A stellar candidate to be the recipient of this capital...

Bitcoin Brawl: Ethereum's Vitalik Buterin Takes on the Crypto Twitter Shills

vitalik buterin versus bitcoin shills on crypto twitter

The euphoria that followed the bitcoin price's climb to a new 2019 high above $11,000 couldn't last forever, and it wasn't long before some low-volume drama broke out over the weekend on Crypto Twitter. Seemingly apropos of nothing, Dan Held (@danhedl), a pal of Anthony Pampliano and legend of Bitcoin Twitter, reminded everyone that Ethereum mastermind Vitalik Buterin had once tried to raise...

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