Craig Wright Scolds Bitcoin Privacy Geeks in Wake of Equifax Scandal

craig wright scolds bitcoin privacy advocates after equifax scandal

On Bitcoin Cash’s second birthday Thursday, Craig Wright penned a brief article entitled “PII in the Bitcoin World.” The subject of personally identifiable information (PII) is massive right now due to the Equifax data breach scandal. I think the C-suite of Equifax should be required to take their entire compensation for the next 10 years in the form of credit monitoring service. — matt...

Equifax to Pay Fine, FTC Lets Another Bad Guy Off the Hook


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is coming down on Equifax Inc with the strength of an angry kitten. The credit bureau is reportedly expected to pay around $650 million after they exposed the private information of more than 145 million customers in the summer of 2017. The information included names, addresses, driver license numbers, and Social Security numbers. Equifax waited nearly two...

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