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Dan Larimer Releases Draft Proposal of New EOS Constitution


After proposing that the EOS project scrape its original Constitution, as CCN reported earlier today, Daniel Larimer, the creator of EOS, has now released a revised proposal. In the blog release, Larimer clarifies the premise "Code-Is-Law" as it relates to arbitration bodies. When 21 block producer's froze several EOS accounts one week after the mainnet launch, the original Constitution was...

EOS Mainnet Goes Live as Block Producer Voting Passes 15% Threshold

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The process took nearly two arduous weeks, but the EOS blockchain has officially gone live. According to data from UK-based block producer EOS Authority, the blockchain went live at approximately 17:46 UTC, immediately after block producer voting passed the 15 percent threshold necessary to activate the network. The mainnet had technically launched a week earlier -- after the various EOS launch...

EOS Mainnet Launch Stalls as Too Few Users Stake Their Tokens

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The EOS mainnet launch has stalled, as fewer than one-third of the tokens required to activate the platform have been staked by their owners. The mainnet technically launched on June 10 -- more than a week after Block.one released version 1.0 of the EOSIO software -- but the platform cannot be fully activated until 150 million EOS tokens -- 15 percent of the total token supply -- vote to elect...

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