Researcher Nears Launch of Ava, a Crypto & Potential Ethereum Killer


By The crypto ecosystem often explores which blockchain will emerge as the ‘Ethereum killer.’ So far, no network has been able to muscle the second-biggest blockchain off its perch, but now there’s a new kid in town – Ava, and it has Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Visa in its sights. Ava is a new … Read more

Ethereum: We Haven’t Seen the Last of the Bug That Killed the DAO

crypto hacker cryptocurrency theft

More than two years after the collapse of The DAO thrust the Ethereum community into civil war, one of the bugs that caused that caused that black swan event continues to lurk in many smart contracts, waiting to be exploited by hackers. That’s according to Emin Gün Sirer‏, a computer science professor at Cornell and … Read more

Samsung: Smartphones are the Most Secure Device When Using Cryptocurrency

Samsung cryptocurrency

According to Samsung, the $290 billion behemoth which dominates every major industry in South Korea, smartphones are the safest device to use when transacting using cryptocurrency Smartphones Over Laptops Smartphone wallets such as Blockchain and Jaxx are the go-to applications the majority of cryptocurrency users utilize to send and receive payments with digital assets. Joel … Read more

Extension Block Proposal Stumbles In Attempt to End Bitcoin Block Size Debate

Bitcoin Block Size Extension Blocks

The block size debate has gotten to a point that some bitcoin observers think it could doom bitcoin. Bitcoin has defied all the bitcoin naysayers and prospered, recently setting record market capitalization. Will internal strife prove its ultimate undoing? A recent proposal designed to appease both sides in the bitcoin scalability debate may be doomed … Read more

Bitfinex’s Lesson: Has the Time for Regulation Arrived?


In light of the Bitfinex hack and other hacks, the bitcoin community faces the need to improve security and is considering various options, according to a Bloomberg article by Yuji Nakamura and Olga Kharif. The article suggests it may be time for some type of regulation. The Bitfinex attack demonstrates the fact that the industry … Read more