Leading Economic Index Decline Adds to Recessionary Red Flags


The Conference Board’s Leading Economic Index showed another decline for October, suggesting the economy will finish the year on a low note. The LEI isn’t the only worrying trend pointing to an eventual recession. Even as the economy slows, the stock market could continue to climb in the near-term. But long-term worries persist. On Thursday, … Read more

Jamie Dimon: U.S. Economy Has Failed Minorities and the Poor

Jamie Dimon, economy

CEO of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon believes the U.S. economy systemically rolls over ethnic minority groups and economically disadvantaged people, making it difficult or impossible for them to gain economic footholds and compete fairly.

Speaking with CNN Money, Dimon refused to say whether this makes the U.S. institutionally racist, but he revealed that JPMorgan is developing a series of initiatives to tackle the problems raised by systemic inequality.

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PwC Thinks India will Outperform the U.K.’s Economy: Here’s what the ‘Big Four’ Firm and the ‘GDP’ Indicator get Wrong


By CCN.com: A publication by accounting firm PwC has placed India on track for a 7.6 percent growth in 2019, setting a path for the country to surpass both the U.K. and France in terms of economy. But ask any economist, and they would point towards why the coveted Gross Domestic Product (GDP) – which … Read more