Disney-Linked Blockchain Startup Dragonchain Concludes $15 Million ICO


Blockchain startup Dragonchain has concluded a $15 million initial coin offering (ICO) for its enterprise blockchain platform that originally began as a prototype at Disney’s innovation-focused Seattle office. Disney had originally conceived Dragonchain in 2014 as a blockchain-based asset management platform, but two years later it shelved the project and released it as open source software...

Dragonchain ICO Seeks to Commercialize Disney’s Blockchain Project

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In 2014, Disney’s Seattle office began developing a corporate blockchain known as Dragonchain. Now, the project is approaching commercialization -- complete with an initial coin offering -- although Disney is no longer involved. As reported in Business Insider, Disney spent two years building a blockchain intended to serve as an asset management platform. However, the project never reached...

Walt Disney Company Goes Big On Blockchain With Dragonchain

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The Walt Disney Company is #71 of the top 2000 companies in the world ranked by Forbes. It has an annual revenue in the tens of billions of dollars, assets near 100 billion dollars, and recently developed a keen interest in blockchain technology for use within its massive organization, which includes online retail, television endeavors, and, of course, their world-famous theme parks. The most...