Open Source Community KDE Receives $200,000 in Bitcoin from The Pineapple fund

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Today open-source community KDE received $200,000 from The Pineapple Fund. KDE is an open-source community that creates free software for both desktop and portable systems. For Linux systems, KDE is well-known for its Plasma desktop and applications including Dolphin file manager and Kontact - a personal information suite. The software is used by millions of home and office workers and in schools...

Internet Archive Sees Big Donations from Vitalik Buterin and the Pineapple Fund

Internet archive servers

Vitalik Buterin last week donated 100 Ethereum to a digital media charity. At current prices this equates to $93,469, however, the charity will receive $186,938 as The Pineapple Fund is matching all donations up to one million dollars. The recipient of the cryptocurrency philanthropy was the Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library aiming to provide “universal access to all knowledge”. It’s...

Water Project Charity Receives Anonymous Bitcoin Donation worth $23,000

“Today you gave enough BTC - totally anonymously - to provide clean, safe water and sanitation facilities to an entire school AND for the monitoring and repair funds to keep it working for years to come,” says a message of appreciation posted on r/bitcoin Reddit page by a user bitcoinh20 on behalf of The Water Project.

Notch accepts Dogecoin donations for "Cliffhorse"

Notch accepts Dogecoin donations for "Cliffhorse"

Markus Persson (known to most by his screen name "Notch"), Creator of the immensely popular Minecraft, posted his experiment "Cliffhorse" for fans to download for free. Cliffhorse was created by Notch in Unity in approximately two hours and can be downloaded at cliffhorse.com to play on Windows PCs. Notch has jokingly solicited Dogecoin donations for "early access", a self reference to the...

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