#ToiletTrump Floods Twitter After Trump Flushes Low-Flow Toilet Regulations

Donald Trump’s proposal to repeal low-flow toilet regulations got splash back on the Twitter hashtag #ToiletTrump, but he has a good point.

5 Reasons Why the Dow Jones Skyrocketed by 300 Points on Friday

The Dow Jones secured a wild rally on Friday, jumping more than 300 points. Here are five reasons why the stock market soared so high today.

Throwback Thursday: Nancy Pelosi’s 2008 Quid Pro Quo with Visa

Nancy Pelosi is calling for the House to impeach Trump for a quid pro quo with Ukraine. What about her own quid pro quo with Visa in 2008?

Impeachment Plot Twist: Democrats are the “Russian Bots” Promoting Trump

The Democrats’ impeachment push is giving Donald Trump far more publicity than any army of Russian bots, real or imagined, ever could.

Melania Trump Rips Impeachment Witness for Mocking Her Son

FLOTUS took an expert witness to task for making a joke about the Trump’s minor son, Barron, during impeachment testimony Wednesday.

Dow Anticipates Make-or-Break Moment on a Jam-Packed Wednesday

Ahead of a full day of market-moving events, the Dow made its way meaningfully higher on Wednesday on positive trade news.

Dow Plummets as Trump Heralds the Tariff Man’s Haunting Return

The Dow Jones plummeted as Donald Trump donned his Tariff Man costume and haunted stock market bulls’ dreams of a December rally.

10 Reasons Why the Dow Crashed 450 Points on Tuesday

The Dow Jones crashed as much as 450 points on Tuesday. Here are ten reasons why the stock market is plunging.

Dow Crumbles After Trump’s Trade War Confession Stuns Markets

The Dow crumbled after Donald Trump stunned stock market bulls by confessing that a trade deal may not be in the “final throes” after all.

Dow Futures on Edge as Fund Manager Warns of 50% ‘Socialist Sell-Off’ in 2020

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures were flat on Tuesday after painful…

US Steel (NYSE:X) Needs More Than Trump Tariffs to End 2019 in the Green

US Steel (NYSE:X) rose swiftly after President Donald Trump announced the reimposition of tariffs on imports from Brazil and Argentina.

Dow Crushed After New Trump Tariffs Threaten US Credibility Worldwide

The Dow slid 180 points on Monday as fears mounted that China may be growing reluctant to make a comprehensive trade deal with Trump.

New Trump Tariffs Could Send Beer Prices Soaring

Another round of surprise Trump tariffs are the president’s remedy for weaker foreign currencies, but it could be bitter news for beer prices.

Dow Pops While Trump Trade War Hits Unsettling Milestone

The Dow kicked off December with a recovery, but stock market bulls must wrestle with an unsettling trade war milestone.

Democratic 2020 Hopefuls Won’t Beat Donald Trump if They Can’t Beat Baby Yoda

Donald Trump is winning in social media interactions. If others can’t even beat Baby Yoda on Twitter, it’ll be hard to win the election.

Kid Rock’s Drunken, Racist Rant Should Make Republicans Glad His Senate Run Was Fake

Kid Rock grabbed the mic for some defintely-not racist or sexist ramblings last week, a reminder that his Senate run was close to real.

Dow Futures Plunge as North Korea Missiles Join Trump’s Problems

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures slide despite stock market close on Thanksgiving. A North Korean missile adds to Trump’s trouble.

Tale of the Tape: How Trump Stacks up Against Rocky Balboa

Who would win if President Donald Trump squared off against fictional prizefighter Rocky Balboa in a prizefight?

Trump 2.0: 5 Ways Michael Bloomberg Is Just Like Donald Trump

From Wall Street, to foreign policy, to Stop and Frisk, former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Donald Trump have a lot in common.

Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 Run Delivers a Gift to His Democratic Rivals

Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential run has delivered a massive gift to the rest of the Democratic field – but not Donald Trump.

Dow Futures Jump as China Bows to Trump’s Critical Trade Demand

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures point to a strong stock market open Monday as China backs down on intelectual property rules.

Netanyahu Indictment Hauntingly Similar to Trump Impeachment Turmoil

The Netanyahu indictment is eerily similar to Trump’s impeachment turmoil, with both men using a witch hunt strategy to combat quid pro quo claims.

Bitcoin-Hating Trump is Standing in the Way of Bakkt CEO Becoming U.S. Senator

The CEO of Bitcoin futures exchange Kelly Loeffler wants to join the US Senate. President Donald Trump however has other ideas.

Dow Recovers as Wall Street Gorges on Bittersweet Trade War Boasts

The Dow Jone snapped a three-day losing streak as investors gorged on bittersweet trade war boasts from Donald Trump and Xi Jinping.

Facebook Insiders are Donating Massively to Dems. Is the Zuck-Trump Bromance to Blame?

Facebook employees and other insiders seem not to like Mark Zuckerberg’s growing coziness to Donald Trump. Their donations say it all.