Dow Hiccups as Deutsche Bank Warns US Economy ‘Tipping Into Recession’

dow jones industrial average

The Dow and broader stock market bled lower on Tuesday, pushing Wall Street’s major indices further from their all-time highs in the wake of a titanic disruption to the global oil market. Meanwhile, one Deutsche Bank strategist warns that the market could suffer a reckoning as the US economy lurches closer to a recession. Dow … Read more

Deutsche Bank’s Radical Pivot Ignites Stock Implosion

deutsche bank stock plunge

German multinational investment giant Deutsche Bank’s stock plunged nearly 6 percent today after news emerged of a dramatic cost-cutting drive that could eliminate 18,000 jobs. Deutsche Bank Stock Slides Nearly 6% On Sunday, the bank announced its exit from the equities sales and trading business, revealing that it plans to overhaul its operations and return … Read more

Warning: This Dow Stock Threatens to Cripple the Market Bellwether’s Surge

stock market crash

The Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to slaughter all challengers, swatting away trade war concerns, recession alarms, and Trump administration turmoil as if they were flies on a window. However, Deutsche Bank warns that one key index component threatens to cripple the stock market bellwether as it seeks to ascend to new all-time highs. Deutsche … Read more

Failing Deutsche Bank Lost $1.6 Billion, Conspired to Hide Bond Bet Gone Wrong

Germany’s largest lender Deutsche Bank is in the news again for the wrong reasons. According to the Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Bank lost approximately $1.6 billion over a decade in a bond bet gone awry. Interestingly, Deutsche Bank has never publicly revealed the loss. This is likely to generate controversy over the bank’s corporate governance … Read more