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Dow Smashes Through 26,000 as US Treasury Bond Yields Spike

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By CCN Markets: Rising bond yields propelled the Dow Jones toward a spectacular advance on Monday, as the US stock market continued to claw itself out of the cavernous hole it dug for itself earlier in the month. However, one so-called perma-bear claims that the market is still flashing a dangerous warning sign. Dow Races Toward Fabulous Rally All of Wall Street’s major indices secured mammoth...

Dow Freezes as Ex-Fed Chair Warns of ‘Weakened Economy’

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The stock market is just days away from receiving the interest rate cut it so fervently desires, but optimism on that front failed to translate into an early-week surge for the Dow. Meanwhile, former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen warned of the “risks” of a “weakened” global economy. Dow Cautiously Advances as S&P 500, Nasdaq Slump Wall Street's major indices tepidly entered the Monday...

Dow Cringes as Wall Street Fears Painful Fed U-Turn

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The Dow stumbled toward a third straight loss on Tuesday as Wall Street braced for Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to initiate a painful U-turn on interest rate policy. Dow Strings Together Another Loss All of Wall Street’s major indices suffered another round of pullbacks. As of 9:31 am ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had dropped 127.31 points or 0.47% to 26,678.83. The S&P 500 fell...

Dow Teeters While Trump Praises Himself for Meteoric Stock Market

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The Dow teetered on Tuesday as investors anticipated a deluge of market-shaking events slated for later in the week. President Trump, meanwhile, used an otherwise yawn-inducing day on Wall Street to congratulate himself for the stock market’s meteoric performance during the month of June. Dow Wobbles But Holds Near All-Time High All of Wall Street's major indices endured moderate declines during...

Dow Jones: As Bulls Tout Melt-Up, This Perma-Bear Screams ‘Sell!’

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By CCN: Earlier this week, BlackRock CEO Larry Fink monopolized the Wall Street watercooler conversation when he downplayed fears that the Dow and broader US stock market risk a near-term correction. To the contrary, he said, a “melt-up” is far more likely. Ignoring the fact that melt-ups are frequently followed by meltdowns, short-sighted equities optimists took Fink’s prediction as confirmation...

Dow Lurches Lower as ‘Super Wednesday’ Quickly Turns Sour

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The Dow lurched lower during the morning trading session as “Super Wednesday” reversed a pre-market recovery and left investors with a sour taste in their mouths. Dow Fails to Mount Recovery After 190 Point Plunge By 12:57 pm ET, the Dow Jones Industrial Average had lost 25.24 points or 0.1 percent, reducing the index to 26,125.34. Earlier, the DJIA had climbed as high as 26,209.49. The S&P...

Dow Jones Perma-Bear: CPI Just Flashed a Major Recession Signal

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Another warning light is blinking on the dashboard of the US economy. This time it is the inflation-tied Consumer Price Index (CPI) which has the bears scurrying for their bomb shelters. David Rosenberg, a so-called perma-bear, was filling Twitter feeds with his unique brand of doom and gloom for the Dow Jones and wider US stock market.
Gluskin Sheff Economist: CPI Data Portends Recession