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Will Craig Wright Stiff Kleiman Estate Out of $5 Billion Bitcoin Fortune?

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Dave Kleiman's estate might have a difficult time reclaiming its alleged half of Craig Wright's $10 billion Bitcoin fortune - and not just because critics say it likely doesn't even exist. Wright, who lives in the UK, suggested that he won't make it easy for the US courts to enforce an order to pay up, assuming that order eventually comes. Craig Wright's 'Goose May Well Be Cooked' Speaking to...

Bitcoin Origins: Dead Men Don’t Lose Private Keys

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The judge presiding over the Kleiman vs. Wright trial ruled that 50% of all Bitcoin-related intellectual property created by Craig Wright prior to 2013 must be handed over to the estate of the deceased Dave Kleiman.  Depending on how much you buy into the Craig Wright carnival show, that could turn out to be half of Satoshi Nakamoto’s legacy… or absolutely nothing whatsoever. The sole source of...

Judge in $10B Bitcoin Lawsuit Rips Craig Wright for No 'Credible Evidence'

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By CCN Markets: A Florida federal court denied a motion by self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright challenging the court's jurisdiction over the $10 billion lawsuit filed against him by the estate of Dave Kleiman. In her ruling, Judge Beth Bloom said Wright failed to show that her court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the case. This means the lawsuit will move forward. Judge: My...

Craig Wright's Bitcoin Mining Tales Reveal Billion Dollar Discrepancies

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According to court documents freshly re-leaked on Twitter, Craig Wright has given two widely diverging stories on his history of mining Bitcoin in the early at the turn of the last decade. Quick note on Craig Wright, mining & trusts. ATO hearing Feb 18, 2014: Mining throughout 2011, trusts in Singapore & Seychelles. Court Florida 2019: Mining till 2010, trusts in Panama & Seychelles...

Court Orders ‘Bitcoin Inventor’ Craig Wright to Put Up or Shut Up

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By CCN Markets: A Florida judge ordered Craig Wright — the self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor — to put up or shut up if he wants to prove that he's Satoshi Nakamoto. In a June 14 motion to compel, federal magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart ordered Wright to produce a list of all the bitcoin he mined prior to December 31, 2013. The judge set a June 17 deadline for Wright to produce the list of his...

$10.8 Billion Bitcoin Tussle Heats Up as Florida Court Summons Craig Wright

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By CCN Markets: Craig Wright is to appear in a Florida court next week to contest allegations that he stole 1.1 million Bitcoin from his old friend, Dave Kleiman. Wright had initially appealed to postpone proceedings or be allowed to attend via video conference call. Those appeals were denied by District Judge Beth Bloom, who deemed the plaintiff’s claims substantial enough that he show up in...

US Court Orders Craig Wright Reveal 2013 Bitcoin Stash in $10 Billion Satoshi Suit

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By CCN.com: The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, Craig Wright, will now have to provide a list of all the public addresses of the bitcoin he held as of December 31, 2013. Per United States Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart, Wright will produce the relevant bitcoin addresses on or before May 15, 2019. Craig Wright ordered by court to produce lists of owned bitcoin addresses along with details about...

Craig Wright Suddenly Withdraws Alleged Fake E-Mail in Kleiman Lawsuit

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By CCN: In what may be considered a tacit admission of guilt, Craig Wright’s attorneys have requested that “exhibit A,” an e-mail that was proven to be fake, be withdrawn from evidence in a lawsuit filed against Wright by Dave Kleiman’s estate. Wright Withdraws Purportedly Fake E-mail From Evidence After Wright submitted the e-mail, a Reddit GPG expert announced that he could prove the e-mail was...

Craig Wright Allegedly Submits Fake Email in Bitcoin Lawsuit

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By CCN: A Redditor has revealed perhaps the most interesting fraud claim regarding Craig Wright yet. Wright is being sued by the estate of Dave Kleiman for a sum in the many billions of dollars. The suit alleges that Wright stole over 1 million BTC from Kleiman shortly after his death. Signature Actually Dates to 2014, Not 2012 Reddit user Contrarian__ says that a piece of evidence submitted by...

Early Bitcoin Developer Jeff Garzik Subpoenaed in $1 Billion Craig Wright Lawsuit

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Jeff Garzik, one of the earliest contributors to the Bitcoin codebase who also previously worked for BitPay, has been served. Garzik - in the spirit of "radical transparency" - shared the subpoena on Twitter, not appearing particularly shocked and noting that the "Bitcoin lawsuit drags on." Maybe he saw it coming, as the summons is comprised of more than two-dozen requests surrounding everything...

Judge: $1 Billion Bitcoin Lawsuit against Craig Wright Will Continue

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A motion by the self-declared creator of Bitcoin and the chief scientist at blockchain firm nChain, Craig Wright, to have a multi-billion dollar lawsuit accusing him of stealing bitcoins belonging to an alleged business partner dismissed has been denied. Wright Loses Bid to Dismiss Lawsuit over Alleged Bitcoin Theft In a ruling delivered on Thursday by Beth Bloom in South Florida, the United...

Craig Wright: Lightning Network Has a “Major Flaw That Will Be Discovered Next Year”


Self-proclaimed Bitcoin inventor Craig S. Wright, the entrepreneur behind nChain and a primary driving force of the Bitcoin Cash “Satoshi Vision” hard fork, said on live radio this week via Austin-based The Crypto Show that the Lightning Network project is “a joke” which has “a major flaw that will be discovered next year.” Wright’s full statement on the subject goes as such: It’s a joke. That’s...

Who Created Bitcoin? Early Developer Jeff Garzik Gives His Best Guess

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Jeff Garzik, historically one of the major early contributors to the Bitcoin codebase and later a lead developer at BitPay, doesn't know who created the flagship cryptocurrency. However, he has an educated guess. Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, he spoke to his suspicions of the actual creator of Bitcoin. He has one of the less popular theories -- the major contenders for the title of...

Craig Wright Served with Summons for $10 Billion Lawsuit from Dave Kleiman's Estate

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NChain chief scientist and self-proclaimed Bitcoin creator Craig Wright has received an official summons to appear in court in connection with a mammoth $10 billion lawsuit levied against him by the estate of early Bitcoin adopter Dave Kleiman. According to public documents dated March 15 and filed with the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Wright was personally served with...

How Two Disabled Men Changed the Financial World


The revelations of the last four months surrounding Craig Steven Wright - who claimed to be the inventor of Bitcoin - have shed perhaps a new light on the early beginnings of Bitcoin. When Wright first made his claims, he implicated his deceased friend David Kleiman as co-founder of Bitcoin. If this is true, when paired with Hal Finney, then the two disabled men would have played an instrumental...

This Might Be Satoshi Nakamoto on Mainstream Media

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Dave Kleiman made a name for himself as a computer forensics expert before being claimed as co-inventor of Bitcoin by Craig Wright, the Australian recently verified by Gavin Andresen and Jon Matonis as Satoshi Nakamoto.   The veteran Kleiman, if he were co-inventor of bitcoin, never used the fortune that would be his. His home was in foreclosure when he died. Of course, when Wright refused to...

Reports: An Australian Entrepreneur Might Be Satoshi Nakamoto

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If newly revealing reports from online publications Wired and Gizmodo are to be believed, a 44-year old Australian entrepreneur called Craig Wright may be Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Following an investigation, WIRED claims that that it has “obtained the strongest evidence yet of Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity.” Unsurprisingly, the report that...