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What a bit! Crypto Scams and Frauds are Getting Hotter

Crypto Scams

Cryptocurrency is getting hot and more popular by the day but with its popularity, it opens doors for people to scam those trying to get into the crypto game. Let’s take a look at a Canadian crypto exchange company.
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Cryptocurrency Scammer Dubbed 'Coyote of Wall Street' Pleads Guilty

Coyote of Wall Street

By CCN Markets: A scammer that called himself the "coyote of Wall Street" has admitted to telling clients he would invest their money in cryptocurrency only to keep it for himself. Patrick McDonnell, a 46-year-old from Staten Island in New York, pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud on Friday. He explained to U.S. District Judge Nicholas Garaufis, in comments reported by Bloomberg, that he...

SEC Reels in $30 Million Alleged Diamond-Backed Crypto Scam


By CCN: The U.S. SEC has secured a court order to stop an alleged diamond-backed Ponzi scheme estimated to be worth around $30 million. The securities regulator outlined how more than 300 investors were fleeced into handing over funds to Florida-based Argyle Coin LLC. SEC obtains emergency order halting alleged diamond-related ICO scheme targeting hundreds of investors — SEC_News...