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McAfee Says His Bitcoin Debit Card's Coming Soon. Can We Believe Him?

John Mcafee

By CCN: John McAfee just tweeted out from somewhere in the Bahamas a teaser image for a new crypto debit card. The dotcom, anti-virus-millionaire promises the Visa-branded bitcoin card will be coming soon. From the teaser promo, it appears you can use your card to spend bitcoin anywhere Visa is accepted. McAfee has a history of making false promises, the most recent of which was that he would...

Are 'Pull' Credit Card Transactions Making You Overly Vulnerable?


What happens, behind the scenes, when you swipe your credit or debit card? And the bigger question: can you trust all the parties involved? When you swipe your credit card at a retailer, potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of people could be involved in that transaction. How is that possible? Isn't money moving directly from your account to the merchant's account? Identity + Access =...

Trucoin Extends Bitcoin Buying Service to 27 States


Today, Trucoin announced that they have added over two dozen states to their platform where you can now purchase bitcoin with a credit card. After three months of beta testing earlier this year, Trucoin is opening it's services to 27 states within the USA and will be adding more soon. Customers in these states can purchase bitcoin using payment methods such as Visa, MaterCard and debit cards...

"iWallet" Coming 9/9: Apple Partners With Visa, Mastercard, and AMEX


For months now, the mobile industry has heard rumors about a new Apple mobile payment network colloquially referred to as the "iWallet." Bloomberg is reporting that Visa, Mastercard, and American Express have worked out an agreement with Apple that will be revealed on 9/9/14 alongside the anticipated launch of the iPhone 6. All of this information regarding Apple's landmark deals with the world's...

MasterCard pays lobbyists to focus on Bitcoin

Mastercard is investigating Bitcoin

A few days ago,  Coindesk reported on the first Bitcoin debit card being made by Bitcoin startup Xapo. In the article, it was rumored Xapo was tied to Mastercard in this venture. Soon after publishing, the article was updated with an official notice from Mastercard stating the credit card company had no ties to Xapo or Bitcoin whatsoever. It seems this story is not entirely true, at least not...



One of the flagship products in our store is Bit-Card.  Carsten Unger is one of the founders of Bit- Card and I had a chance to interview him: TCA: What made you get into Bitcoin in the first place? Carsten Unger: My partner and I began investing in Bitcoin a few years back. We are software developers and we are convinced of the Bitcoin protocol and Bitcoin as a monetary system. TCA: Why Bit-Card...