This One Chart May Signal the Next Stock Market Crash


One major market index, the Russell 2000, has shown price behavior that is very worrisome. A decline of more than 1% from Tuesday’s close could be the first crack in the stock market dam that begins a wholesale stock market crash. When a major stock market index like the Russell 2000 is this close to falling apart, you need to be ready to head your portfolio by keeping an eye on the other stock...

What Caused the Bitcoin Unlimited Node Crash?


Bitcoin Unlimited nodes went down like a rock yesterday as a vulnerability was exploited. They now appear to have recovered, but the speed with which nodes fell is unprecedented. The cause appears to be the use of “asserts” in production. This will get a bit technical, but we asked a pseudo-anonymous Bitcoin Unlimited developer who would rather not be named to provide an explanation for a non...

China Intervenes, Yuan Soars, Bitcoin Crashes


Yuan increased by almost 1% against the dollar last night as overnight borrowing costs in Hong Kong rose to 96%, according to Reuters, surprising observers and sending bears for cover. Around the same time, after surpassing gold parity and reaching an all-time high of nearly $1,300, bitcoin flash crashed in a sell off run to $990. Although there is no confirmation of a direct intervention by the...

ImperiumCoin “Broken,” Mining Halted


ImperiumCoin, the “X11-X13” altcoin which solved its first block on September 16th, is having some serious problems. It appears that a recent upgrade has broken the coin somewhat irrevocably. This reporter discovered this, ironically, while looking into the coin at it on Bleutrade this morning. Someone involved with the project posted a link  in the chat box to a post on the...

Bitcoin Price Decline Targets Below $400 (Bitcoin Analysis)


The Bitcoin price decline has resumed after bulls staged a weak rally to levels around $450. Last week’s Bitcoin analysis forecast a retracement to the $450 area and, like clockwork, early Monday trade is showing signs of pushing to our interim target at $400 and perhaps lower. However, the price decline is about to run up against rising channel support. Takeaway Pattern analysis shows that...

Why Bitcoin crashed and will rise again


Once again the Bitcoin world is full of panic. Shit (mostly Chinese) has hit the fan and prices are falling down as we speak. Five months ago, Bitcoin was at an all-time high. One coin was worth more than a thousand dollars. At the moment I’m writing this; a Bitcoin is valued at a ‘mere’ 400 dollars. How did we get to this point and are people right to panic? No crash is ever...

Mt.Gox Weekend Trade: News, Analysis

mtgox coyote crash bitcoin

At 07h00 UTC Mt.Gox BTCUSD price skirted below $100 once more, continuing the relentless decline since the break of $250 on Thursday. Volatility is increasing as traders take advantage of low weekend liquidity to chase price for profits. Questions about where this crash is going to find a bottom abound, since a rout in Mt.Gox’s exchange price negatively affects other exchange prices. At the...

MtGox Trading Below $100. Now What?

bitcoin mtgox btc 12h35

MtGox BTCUSD dropped below the psychologically significant $100 mark. Continuing our blow-by-blow coverage of the spectacular MtGox crash, we’ll be keeping users updated with the latest news and price analysis going into the weekend. Brief Leading up to an eagerly anticipated Mt.Gox announcement yesterday, the exchange’s BTCUSD price crashed through $200 until settling on $110 prior...

Mt.Gox Crash, Hollow Announcement. Blow-by-blow.

mtgox crash

Technical analysis (original article below) 20h18 UTC – final update The chart below shows price challenging the $110 level. The inset reveals the ~4200 BTC buy orders waiting at this level. Selling pressure has chipped away at this level for several hours and there is little hope those orders can cause a reversal. It looks like the bears have sub-$100 in mind… Analysis will have to...