Colin Kaepernick Makes a Better Social Justice Martyr Than NFL QB

colin kaepernick

After a bizarre roadshow in Atlanta, Colin Kaepernick still has no interest from NFL teams. Six seasons of weak passing statistics were more than enough to show both himself and the league that he wasn’t a franchise quarterback. Playing the “blackballed” social justice warrior is far more lucrative than the NFL for a guy who … Read more

Antonio Brown Tries to Wiggle His Way Into Colin Kaepernick’s Workout

antonio brown, colin kaepernick workout

Colin Kaepernick will use volunteer NFL receivers for his league organized workout. After a clear offer on Twitter, Antonio Brown’s presence is now a realistic, if unlikely, possibility. Kaepernick needs to run as far away as he can from AB’s chaotic public persona. Antonio Brown loves the idea that he and Colin Kaepernick are kindred … Read more