Bitcoin Wallet Researchers Slam 'Inappropriate' Redditor's Coinomi Complaint

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By CCN: CipherBlade, a blockchain security research firm, has published the results of a lengthy investigation into the claims of a Coinomi user. How Were the Funds Truly Compromised? Warith Al Maawali contacted CCN and just about every news outlet he could find with the claim that because Coinomi had sent seed phrases to Google for spellchecking, he had lost his entire life savings. His goal was...

Coinomi Addresses Spellcheck Vulnerability, Accuses Victim of Bitcoin Extortion

Coinomi, cryptocurrency

CCN earlier reported that Coinomi wallet had a confirmed bug that allowed Google to view the details of a user’s seed phrase. The seed phrase generates a wallet. Coinomi uses a 24-word phrase. It enables a user to regenerate their wallet on any platform, and maintain a simultaneous wallet on their phone and on their desktop. According to Coinomi’s own blog post on the subject, CCN and social...

Redditor Claims Theft of $70,000 in Life Savings Due to Critical Coinomi Wallet Bug

Coinomi, Cryptocurrency

According to cryptocurrency investor Warith Al Mawali, he has lost all of his life savings in the tune of $60,000 to $70,000 on Coinomi, a widely utilized crypto wallet on Android. In a detailed report, Mawali claimed that a critical vulnerability found on the wallet led to the loss of user funds as it compromised the private key of his wallet. SECURITY [email protected] sends your...

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