Dash Partnership With Coinapult Lets Users Trade In 20 Fiat Currencies

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Dash has partnered with Coinapult, a wallet that lets users trade the cryptocurrency in 20 fiat currencies on account of its partnership with Crypto Capital, which has a global transmitter license. By opening an account with Coinapult, customers immediately get a Dash wallet. By also opening an account with Crypto Capital, they can deposit money to Coinapult to instantly buy Dash. Customers get...

Coinapult Enables 300 Bitcoin Kiosks in Colombia

Bitcoin Colombia Coinapult

Bitcoin wallet and services provider Coinapult has revealed an integration with Punto Pago, a kiosk operator, which will see 300 kiosks now sell bitcoin to Colombians across the country. Panamanian startup Coinapult, co-founded by Erik Vorhees in 2012 and headquartered in Panama City has announced a new development which will see bitcoin buying made easier in Colombia. A partnership with Punto...

Coinapult Coming Back to America


Coinapult, the service that allows users to lock in the value of their Bitcoin by storing them with it, announced today that it is going to be coming back to the US market. Coinapult will no longer be handling the fiat side of its business, instead handing over this side of its operation to Crypto Capital, Inc., a company which is licensed to do business in the United States among other places...

Coinapult and Factom in Deal to Improve Financial Processes


Bitcoin wallet service provider Coinapult and Factom, a blockchain applications provider, have announced collaboration plans that they hope will develop the state of applied blockchain technology. Coinapult, which also provides brokerage services that lets users lock their balances to fiat currencies and stable assets, will team up with Factom, which provides blockchain applications in database...

Coinapult Bitcoin Wallet Compromised to the Tune of $43 000


Coinapult, the service which allows users to secure the value of their bitcoins in fiat, has been hacked to the tune of 150 bitcoins, roughly $43,000 USD. Access to the site was disabled on Tuesday while staff investigated the breach, which they believe may have roots in an outage at their data center last Friday. Terrible Tuesday The site disabled withdrawals and posted the following notice...

Coinapult Discounts Anti-Volatility Service "Locks" by 25 Percent


Price swings are a major hindrance on the average bitcoin user. It’s easy to fall asleep at night thinking the price will remain steady, only to wake up and realize that your bitcoins dropped $20 in value overnight. It’s one of the major reasons people decide to stay away from day trading bitcoins. The market it unpredictable on a level many traders have never seen before due to the unregulated...

The Next Level For Bitcoin Entrepreneurs: Understanding Money, Says Financier Lawrence Lenihan


"Fiat" is a dirty word in the Bitcoin world, and perhaps that's not the best thing, insinuated Coinapult backer Lawrence Lenihan in a recent interview with CoinDesk. Worse, many people are offended by the idea of traditional venture capital firms getting involved in anyway, because, they say, the entrepreneurs are then not loyal to their communities but instead to the hand that feeds. While there...

Bitcoin Service Coinapult Raises $775K from VC Group FirstMark


Coinapult's new service, Locks, frees your bitcoins from price volatility by linking them to tangible assets, such as gold. Customers who lock $1,000 worth of bitcoins today will be able to cash out $1,000 worth of bitcoins today, tomorrow, next year, whenever they like - regardless of the price of bitcoin. Coinapult is FirstMark's only Bitcoin company so far, having already backed Pinterest...