Facebook Contractor: "It's Like a Sweatshop in America" - One Contractor has Died & Many Fear for Their Lives

facebook cognizant moderators

By CCN Markets: An exposé published at TheVerge.com revealed at least one Facebook moderation center is akin to a third world sweatshop. This should come as no surprise given what we already know about Facebook's company culture. Facebook Whistleblowers Step Forward Facebook outsources moderation services to Cognizant, a publicly-held $35 billion firm that apparently does not care about its work...

Facebook Moderators Suffer PTSD, Turn to Guns, Sex, Weed For Solace


Another week, and another black eye - two to be exact this time - for Facebook. The latest reveal includes privacy and workplace environments. The company is dealing with fallouts from two fronts. The first relates to a scathing report by The Verge. It details the work environment the company’s content moderators claim has forced them to do all kinds of inappropriate things, including having sex...