Watch Fox News Hilariously Crash & Burn Trying to Explain 4chan

fox news 4chan

By CCN Markets: It takes roughly five seconds to Google, "What is 4chan?" That was apparently too much work for the intrepid news anchors at Fox News, who instead decided to wing a description of the online imageboard during this morning's broadcast of "Fox & Friends." Fox & Friends research concludes 4chan is "a site where you can write things on it." It didn't go well. "4chan...

Donald Trump Rings Death Knell for Lefty Media: CNN Eyeballs Plunge 47%

donald trump cnn fox news msnbc

By CCN: The fake news spun by the mainstream media regarding President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia has seen viewers abandon left-leaning news outlets in staggering numbers, with CNN and MSNBC suffering more than their conservative counterpart Fox News over the past year. CNN’s primetime viewership crashed by 47%, while MSNBC’s primetime numbers slid 28%. The prized 25-54 age...

'Twitter is a Disaster': CNN Expat Unloads after Reporter Exposed Dishing out Wardrobe Advice to Kamala Harris

kamala harris 2020 us presidential election democrat

A CNN national political reporter provided a glimpse of the cozy relationship between some members of the press and political elite Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in a Twitter video that has gone viral. We kind of forced @kamalaharris to try on this awesome oversized rainbow sequin jacket ... She snapped it up. @alivitali perfectly named it as “the Mardi Gras Jacket” #2020 #SouthCarolina...

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