CNN Whistle Blower Shines Spotlight on Cable News Bias

jeff zucker

Turns out the White House isn’t the only one with a whistle blower. Cable news network CNN has been targeted by its own undercover spy who has documented through secret recordings the magic behind the headlines. CNN President Jeff Zucker is allegedly the puppeteer who has been pulling the strings of the news coverage – … Read more

CNN: Trump Lied to Pump the Flailing Stock Market

cnn says donald trump lied to pump the stock market

It appears that stock market investors might not be the only ones feeling the heat from the US-China trade war. In a bombshell leak from Donald Trump’s private aides, CNN confirms the rumor that President Trump lied about the phone call with China to pump flailing US stocks. CNN reports (emphasis added): “Though Trump and … Read more

Watch Fox News Hilariously Crash & Burn Trying to Explain 4chan

fox news 4chan

By It takes roughly five seconds to Google, “What is 4chan?” That was apparently too much work for the intrepid news anchors at Fox News, who instead decided to wing a description of the online imageboard during this morning’s broadcast of “Fox & Friends.” Fox & Friends research concludes 4chan is “a site where … Read more

Donald Trump Rings Death Knell for Lefty Media: CNN Eyeballs Plunge 47%

donald trump cnn fox news msnbc

By The fake news spun by the mainstream media regarding President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia has seen viewers abandon left-leaning news outlets in staggering numbers, with CNN and MSNBC suffering more than their conservative counterpart Fox News over the past year. CNN’s primetime viewership crashed by 47%, while MSNBC’s primetime numbers slid … Read more

‘Twitter is a Disaster’: CNN Expat Unloads after Reporter Exposed Dishing out Wardrobe Advice to Kamala Harris

kamala harris 2020 us presidential election democrat

A CNN national political reporter provided a glimpse of the cozy relationship between some members of the press and political elite Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) in a Twitter video that has gone viral. We kind of forced @kamalaharris to try on this awesome oversized rainbow sequin jacket … She snapped it up. @alivitali perfectly named … Read more