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Irony Alert: JPMorgan Gets Sued for Bitcoin Fraud

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If Jamie Dimon didn't believe in karma before, he may be a believer now. JPMorgan has been hit with a class-action lawsuit on allegations of tacking on unannounced layers of fees plus interest after pulling the rug out from under the feet of cryptocurrency investors, according to a Reuters report. No wonder the decentralized revolution is upon us. The bank put the kibosh on credit card purchases...

"Rescue Fork": Class Action Complaint Lodged Against Nano Developers


The lead plaintiff, who is also suing Texas-based Nano the company, wants the developers to create a "rescue fork" to recover funds that were lost in a hack. The lawsuit seeks damages and equitable relief from the USD 170 million in Nano's XRB token that was stolen in February in a hack on BitGrail, the Italy-based platform on which Nano recommended investors place their assets, according to the...

Crypto Exchange Coinbase Gets Sued for Insider Trading in Bitcoin Cash


Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against the exchange so far this month, and this one is going for the jugular. Coinbase is being accused of negligence tied to last year's rocky rollout of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and "tipping off" its employees before announcing publicly its plans to support the new cryptocurrency. The amount in question for all of the members of the lawsuit is more than $5...

Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase Faces Consumer Class-Action Complaint


The cryptocurrency exchange is in hot water again, exacerbating an already tenuous relationship with users. A class action lawsuit was filed against San Francisco-based Coinbase in recent days in the US Court for the Northern District of California, claiming the leading US cryptocurrency exchange unlawfully kept cryptocurrencies that were sent by email and left unclaimed for years. Plaintiffs ...

Bitconnect is Facing its Second Class Action Lawsuit

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Another class-action lawsuit, along with a restraining order, has been filed against UK-based Bitconnect, this one in Kentucky. Brian Paige is suing Bitconnect for an undisclosed sum for operating an alleged online investment scam -- a Ponzi scheme -- in the second such lawsuit filed against the lending and exchange platform in a week.  At least 100 members have joined the class action...

Investors File Class Action Suit against Bitconnect

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The recently shuttered cryptocurrency lending and exchange platform BitConnect has been hit with a class action lawsuit from six investors claiming losses exceeding $770,000. The class action complaint was filed yesterday with the Southern District Court of Florida by cryptocurrency fraud specialist Silver Miller Law, the attorneys representing the plaintiffs. All BitConnect investors who...

ATBCoin Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit After $20 Million ICO


Blockchain startup ATBCoin was hit with a class-action lawsuit, making it the latest in a string of projects to be sued by investors following initial coin offerings (ICOs). ATBCoin Hit With Class-Action Lawsuit Filed on Dec. 21 in the Southern District of New York, the lawsuit (PDF) alleges that ATBCoin and its operators violated the Securities Act by conducting a securities offering without...

Canadian Bitcoin Exchange CAVirtex Faces Potential Class Action Lawsuit


CAVirtex, Canada’s largest and oldest Bitcoin online exchange, is facing a potential class action lawsuit to the tune of $884,880 CAD. The alleged losses were incurred by the lawsuit-bringers after the company offered 10% of its shares for sale on the cryptocurrency-based asset exchange, Havelock Investments then stopped listing the stock by the end of 2013. Also read: Havelock Investments: Neo...