Venezuelan Launches “Adopt a Family” Movement After Buying 400 Kg of Food With Crypto


A Venezuelan Redditor recently decided to use donations received in NANO to buy over 400 kg of food for his friends and family in the country, which is facing one of the deepest economic recessions yet. He’s now launching a movement to support others. As covered by CCN, the Venezuelan crypto enthusiast, going by Windows7733 on Reddit, initially received a 0.5 NANO donation, at press time worth...

Venezuelan Crypto Enthusiast Buys 102 Kilos of Food from NANO Donations amid Hyperinflation


A Venezuelan crypto enthusiast has recently bought over 100 kg of food for his family and community thanks to the cryptocurrency community, after he received dozens of NANO donations from Reddit users. According to a thread started little over a week ago, Reddit user Windows7733 revealed a 0.5 NANO (~$1.32) donation he received was nearly worth one month’s salary in Venezuela. In response to the...

Binance Donates $1 Million Towards Victim Relief for West Japan Floods

binance coin, binance, crypto cryptocurrency exchange

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, pledged $1 million for the victims of the floods in West Japan. In an official post, Binance stated: “To help out the victims in West Japan that were affected by the heavy rains on 7/7/2018, Binance is donating $1,000,000 USD and calling for our crypto friends and partners to join us in the relief initiative.” On Saturday Japan has...

Open Source Community KDE Receives $200,000 in Bitcoin from The Pineapple fund

Fidelity Bitcoin

Today open-source community KDE received $200,000 from The Pineapple Fund. KDE is an open-source community that creates free software for both desktop and portable systems. For Linux systems, KDE is well-known for its Plasma desktop and applications including Dolphin file manager and Kontact – a personal information suite. The software is used by millions of home and office workers and in...

$22 Million: Bitcoin Price Gains Spike Fidelity Charity’s Donations in 2017

Fidelity Bitcoin

The charity arm of mutual fund giant Fidelity has raised over $22 million in bitcoin this year. Fidelity Charitable, the donor-advised charitable trust fund run by financial giant Fidelity Investments, has seen donations in bitcoin swell to $22 million so far in 2017. While the fund raised $11 million up to November, a marked uptick in December doubled that figure in the past fortnight, as per a...

Ethereum Blockchain-Based Donation Platform Grace Brings a New Era of Charity Fundraising


This is a sponsored story. Grace, a small startup organization, developed a blockchain-based platform where charities, donors and promoters can prosper. Grace abandons the traditional method of fundraising where charities have to do all the marketing. The startup created a platform on the Ethereum blockchain. There are three types of participants: charities, in need to raise money for their...

London Blockchain Startup Launches Transparency Tool to Track Donations


U.K.-based blockchain philanthropy platform Alice.si has launched a new social tool that allows charities to increase donations by illustrating to donors what impact their money provides. Considering the low trust and confidence the public have with how charities use their money, it’s hoped that Alice’s new tool will remove these barriers to donating. Making use of smart contracts...

UK Regulator Advises Charities against Paying Bitcoin Ransoms to Avoid Cyberattacks

bitcoin charity jar

The Charity Commission in the United Kingdom has issued an alert toward all charities about an extortionist group demanding between £300 – £500 in bitcoin (approx. 1.03 to 1.72 BTC) or face cyberattacks, if the ransom isn’t paid up. In an alert issued toward UK-based charities today, the Charity Commission has revealed that a cyber-extortion group calling themselves the “RepKiller Team” are...

Major US Charities Start to Accept Bitcoin Donations


Major U.S. charities are increasingly allowing donors to contribute in bitcoin. The Wall Street Journal on Monday explored why charities such as the American Red Cross, Greenpeace and Save the Children are accepting bitcoin in an article titled, “Brother Can you Spare A Bitcoin?” The report ran in the newspaper’s “wealth management” section. In late 2012, when bitcoin was at its peak value...

Cambodian Free School Raises Dogecoins


Back in June, the Cambodian English School of Higher Education raised funds in an effort to provide uniforms for its students. Also read: Help NGO Doctors Without Borders To Fight Ebola Using Bitcoin Charity in the Face of Such Theft “This week I have been fundraising online, but I wasn’t asking for dollars, euros or pounds; I was asking for dogecoin, an online crypto currency that is often...

Jeff Yule Brings Bitcoin to Ronald McDonald House Charities


Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) provides support to the families of seriously ill children receiving treatment at nearby hospitals. On Tuesday, the RMHC of the Capital Region partnered with BitPay to accept bitcoin donations. “Part of what sold us (eased our novice worries) was knowing that the United Way, Green Peace accepted donations via Bitcoin,” – Jeff Yule...

Support Bitcoin Not Bombs Hoodie the Homeless Campaign


Bitcoin Not Bombs Hoodie the Homeless charity drive starts this week. Last year Bitcoin Not Bombs distributed over 300 hoodies to the needful around San Francisco. Though the bitcoin price has fallen in the past year, Bitcoin Not Bombs reminds us that winter, the honey badger of seasons, does not wait for Bitcoin, the honey badger of money. For every Bitcoin Bomber hoodie purchase, one additional...

Bitcoin and Charity: Time to step up!


Charity initiatives are fine, but there is the little problem that charities need us to give them money, any kind of money, as they’re not in the business of being that fussy, and getting people to give them money is not easy. I may have a solution, and I’m going to thank that great man, Benjamin M. Lawsky, the New York Superintendent of Financial Services, for giving me the idea...

Bitcoin Exchange Promoted on Newnote Financial’s National Television Campaign

Newnote Financial

Cryptocurrency centered financial companies are getting pretty fancy. Vancouver-based Newnote Financial recently evolved from a resource exploration company, Winrock Resources, to financial and technology company focused on integrated platforms built for cryptocurrencies. Ever since, the company’s developers have been furiously working on a number of unique new projects. To kick off the ambitious...

Sean’s Outpost Faces Adversity: “We’re Just Going To Keep Helping”


[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]eing a Bitcoin-related organization is challenging to say the least. Hacks, scams, uncertain legality, and downright incompetence have all brought large organizations crumbling to the ground.  For Sean’s Outpost (the preeminent Bitcoin charity), these constant threats are background noise compared to more pressing issues.  The Pensacola City Council has acted...

Clean water coin: We can make a difference!


A few facts: diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Children are the most vulnerable as their bodies aren’t strong enough to fight diarrhea, dysentery and other illnesses. Every single week, Thirty thousand people die from unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. 90% of these deaths are children...

Memorycoin Hitting Milestones and a New Chairitable Effort for The Electronic Frontier Foundation


Memorycoin has hit the transition stage recently. Soon the mining rewards will be cut drastically, and the coin will become more scarce when mining. 60% of the coins have been mined already creating a limited supply while also a solid base of them to use and trade. The value of MMC should increase as the influx of new coins slows. With MMC being both GPU and ASIC resistant, this has allowed...

Sean’s Outpost & Satoshi Forest Under Attack

satoshi forest seans outpost

Bitcoin’s preeminent homeless-support charity, Sean’s Outpost, is under attack. According to Bitcoin Not Bombs, the Escambia Board of County Commissioners authorized the county attorney to file an injunction on Sean’s Outpost and its “Satoshi Forest” project.  The Board authorized the injunction with only three of the five commissioners present to vote. The latest in a...

Doge4Water Meets Its Goal Early! Thanks to Mystery-Person

doge4water dogecoin

A full week ahead of its self imposed deadline, the Doge-4-Water initiative met its fundraising goal of 40,000,000 DOGE (roughly $33,000 by today’s exchange rate). Doge-4-Water is only one of many initiatives sponsored by The Dogecoin Foundation, a foundation conceived by the co-creators of Dogecoin to channel and protect the giving nature of the Dogecoin community.  The Dogecoin Foundation...

Bitcoin Community Rushes To Aid Harassed Nakamoto

bitcoin dorian nakamoto andreas antonopoulos

Andreas M. Antonopoulos has begun a fundraising campaign for Dorian S. Nakamoto.  As of last check, there had been 34 BTC donated by the community. Before the story, I encourage you to donate: 1Dorian4RoXcnBv9hnQ4Y2C1an6NJ4UrjX “Disgusting” When Leah McGrath Goodman first alleged that Dorian S. Nakamoto created Bitcoin, the Bitcoin community reacted passionately.  While some were in...

Litecoin Community Raises over 120 LTC for Vietnamese Orphanage


The Litecoin community has raised over 120 Litecoins for the Gò Vấp Orphanage in Vietnam. That’s about $1500 USD! The goal of 100 LTC was met on February 25 when Charlie ‘Coblee” Lee donated 50 LTC. Here’s their charity project video. The Vietnam Volunteer Network will assist in transferring the funds to Gò Vấp. They work to raise funds and support the Gò Vấp Orphanage...

Dogecoin Founder Rejects $500,000 of Investments, Emphasizes Community Value

A Successful Week for Dogecoin

I have stated before why I believe Dogecoin is here to stay as a cryptocurrency, citing its community and its willingness to buck the trends other cryptocurrencies embrace. However, this week Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer set his coin apart from the pack further when he told Techly that he rejected $500,000 worth of investment offers from venture capital firms. Palmer had this to say: I...

Outpost Thrift: The Latest Addition to Sean’s Outpost


Last week Sean’s Outpost, the world’s most active bitcoin charity, opened the doors to it’s newest project: a thrift shop in the Outpost’s hometown of Pensacola, FL.  Boasting “over 11,000 square feet of knick-knacks, furniture, kitchen ware, toys, clothing, appliances, and so much more,” Outpost Thrift gives even people of modest means a way to support...