Canadian Cannabis Stocks Plummet as Government Struggles to Meet Demand

health canada cannabis stocks

The top five Canadian cannabis stocks have seen huge losses. The Canadian government fails to open up enough stores to meet the demand. A renowned portfolio manager weighs in on the state of the market. The top Canadian cannabis stocks have seen massive declines over the last few months due to the slow start seen … Read more

Evaluating Whitney Tilson’s Top 3 Cannabis Stock Picks

Whitney Tilson's cannabis stock picks

Hedge fund manager Whitney Tilson has his eye on three cannabis stocks, or rather he is high on three cannabis stocks, and whenever Tilson expresses interest in the company, it’s a good idea to take a look. He’s got a very strong track record. We’ll get to those picks in a moment, but first, keep … Read more

Cannabis Stocks Blaze as FDA Expedites Landmark CBD Rules

cannabis stocks rise after FDA expedites CBD rules

Cannabis stocks got a boost this week after the US Food and Drug Administration announced it would expedite creating a regulatory framework for CBD. CBD is the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, which allegedly has wellness properties, and can treat a range of various conditions, including pain management. The FDA and CBD Regulation Is All Boxed … Read more