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South Korea’s Second Largest Bank Supports Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Traders Relieved

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Bithumb and Korbit, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the South Korean market, have announced that Kookmin Bank deposits and withdrawals will be disabled by the end of January. Shinhan Bank Will Support Cryptocurrency Exchanges Kookmin Bank, the biggest financial institution in South Korea, has decided not to support cryptocurrency exchanges and provide virtual bank accounts to...

South Korea's Cryptocurrency Fiasco is Fueling a Political Conflict

The controversial decision of Justice Ministry head Park Sang-ki to release a premature and false statement on a potential cryptocurrency trading ban has fueled a political conflict between the current administration and other opposition parties. Opposition Party Accuses Justice Ministry of Market Manipulation Earlier this week, a South Korean mainstream media outlet Hankyoreh, a daily newspaper...

It is Not Possible to Arbitrage South Korea’s Cryptocurrency Premiums Without Breaking Laws

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In December 2017, several Chinese traders were arrested for various charges including money laundering for taking advantage of the high premium values of cryptocurrencies in the South Korean market. The traders sold millions of dollars worth of bitcoin for profit, given the high premium rate of bitcoin in South Korea, and brought the money back to China. High Premiums For a Reason Regularly, with...

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